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Shine Diamond Special part 8--The Afterpost

Posted 4 Weeks Ago at 11:15 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, it takes the combination of Ash's Swanna Song and the Oración to save the world!

The big change here was moving most of Alice and Tonio's scenes offscreen, so we could focus on Ash's and Dawn's race to the music machine. I felt that would make sense and add some urgency to the whole sequence if we only focused on one group of characters.

Ash using the Swanna Song and him playing the Oración along with the music machine I felt would show that he was indeed the pure human that Palkia sought, and call back to when Alice taught him the song earlier.

I debated about showing the Contest or not (since it is seen in the credits of the real movie), but I decided to let it happen offscreen--this also sets up for when we get back on the main storyline.

Thanks to all that read and commented on the movie remix! I hope you all enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun, and a little frustrating to write, but I learned some valuable lessons for next time I write a movie remix.

Next time, the group arrives in Solaceon Town, but Dawn's frustration about choking in a Contest boils over!
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