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More Abyss Stuff~

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More Abyss Stuff~

Posted May 3rd, 2011 at 1:33 PM by Miss Doronjo

Ehhh, I've been a little lazy keeping up with the 7 days of Abyss. XD Which is an understatement. =S

Anyhow, before I forget!

7 Days of Tales of Abyss Craziness: Least Favourite Female Character

Legretta the Quick

Well actually; this was a tough question to answer...its not that I don't like Legretta at all; its just... I don't follower her. Why train Tear to kill Van, then join up with Van? ...Which...okay, her reasoning in the first place was with her hatred with the Score, its just... I dunno. I found that odd. [or maybe I'm digging way to deep in this.] Also, out of the bunch of Tales of Abyss characters, I just found her the least interesting. I know I said I wasn't a fan of Anise, because she's a brat, but eh, after a while using and knowing Anise, I guess I found her interesting at parts; like she wanted to marry Luke, etc. With Legretta? I haven't really "dig" her in terms of likability. @[email protected];

Battiling her in the game was a challenge; she had good defense and good attack. She wasn't my "hardest" character I faceed in Hard mode, but...she's high up there.

1. Favourite Female Character
2. Favourite Male Character
3. Least Favourite Female Character
4. Least Favourite Male Character
5. Character who would probably be my rival
6. Character I'd bring home to my parents
7. Character I have most in common with
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