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Shine Diamond episode 45--The Afterpost

Posted August 22nd, 2018 at 6:15 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang inspires a stone cutting Bibarel with their talents, and teach a haughty crew member a lesson along the way.

The big change in this episode was removing the evil team. Originally, I was going to keep Mars and Jupiter in, but the more I thought about it, I realized you could cut the evil team out and still have a decent episode.

This was a great spot for Brock to get in some training for the Fantasy Stage, but I kept most of the group performing "The Absol that Built a Bridge" offscreen to keep the story moving.

I couldn't resist adding some worldbuilding about the Pokeflute--the standard soprano size (what Ash plays) is endblown in this Pokeworld, and sounds like an Irish style flute. The alto Pokeflute has the same range as an alto concert flute, including being pitched a fourth lower like its concert counterpart.

Brock's solo goes like this

Brock's team got heavily reshuffled in this episode to account for team deletions and additions, so I had him borrow some of Ash's Pokemon to help out when he tries to cut his own stone. Isis saying she is a breeder was also cut to reflect Brock's new goal of a musician and storyteller.

In the remix, Tarina's motivational song would be the new ED starting from this episode (it would be called "Tarina no Ondo" (Tarina's Marching Song) in Japanese, and "The Pika Pika March" in English)

The song basically goes to this tune

Brock knows kung fu because he took lessons before meeting Ash--he is currently up to a blue belt in Raikou style kung fu, which is when the Pewter Dojo allows you to learn the bow.

Next time, the group helps a Luxray protect a treasure!
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