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Team Rainbow Rocket thoughts.

Posted December 2nd, 2017 at 7:03 PM by WingsofBliss
Updated December 2nd, 2017 at 7:06 PM by WingsofBliss

If you haven't played through the post-game story yet, don't click the spoiler tag.


- I liked battling the past team bosses, and they were actually challenging once they brought out their Legendaries. I started to struggle a little bit once I cleared Cyrus (you battle them in the order of Gen they're in), but like with the rest of the game I've struggled if my Pokemon were either at level or slightly below level of certain battles. Giovanni's Mewtwo was really tough, I barely survived with just my Primarina left.

- The overall story, although there were a couple things I had a problem with. The character interaction was great, especially ones that involved Guzma.

- However, I would have liked to see Guzma interact with everybody else and not just a couple Grunts, Maxie, and Archie. Especially with Giovanni, considering what happened with Lusamine. Don't mess with Guzma's woman or you'll pay the price.

- Dang, things actually got physical between humans in this. Guzma physically holding off Grunts(which was pretty funny), Ghetsis actually hitting Lillie and threatening the player to do more harm if they didn't give up, and Giovanni poisoning Lusamine off-screen with UB juice to knock her out.

- The Ghetsis one legit made me go into Momma Bewear Mode. Even though Lusamine was neglectful towards her children somewhat in USUM, if she was in the room when that happened I think she would have hauled off and killed the bastard on the spot.

- That cliffhanger at the end. DAT CLIFFHANGER. How does he do that? Does he have an UB in his possession or what? Are we going to see him again in a near future game? If so, what I would like is to have Game Freak make a region that is already taken over by him and your main goal other than completing the Dex is to liberate the region from him.

- I was disappointed though that this part of the post-game wasn't longer. I was hoping that we would do some island-hoping and battling the organization like how we island-hopped for the UB's in SM.
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