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G1NM: Crystal Part 2- [Entry #2]

Hey thanks for stopping by! Currently this blog is going to be the home of "Genwunner No More!" where I will be playing through all the generations and sharing the experience with you. As the name of this blog implies, I have largely stuck to RBY/FRLG. This isn't to say that I haven't played any other generations, I've actually owned all of the games from the first 3 generations, but I have consistently gone back to replay Gen I.

But not anymore. I will be playing through the generations one by one starting with Gen II. The only caveat is that I will be limited by ROM/emulator availability, meaning that I will only be able to play up through Gen V. I have decided to play the Originals of each generation (no Remakes), and have chosen the 3rd core series game of Gens II-IV (Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum), but will leave the color choice of Gen V up to a vote from the readers.

Another thing to mention is that each playthrough will be a Gymlocke (Nuzlocke variant). My party limit will be 1 more than the size of the next Gym Leader's team, and the level limit will be the next Gym Leader's highest level plus the size of their team.

Wish me luck on my journey, and stop back in to see how I'm doing from time to time.

Crystal- Playing, Badges: 1
Totodile- Kansas, lvl 15; Hoothoot- Feathers, lvl 15; Rattata- Rhodey, lvl 15; Onix- ROCKY, lvl 11; Zubat- Annoying, lvl 15

Emerald- Not Started
Platinum- Not Started
Black/White- Not Started
Black2/White2- Not Started
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G1NM: Crystal Part 2- [Entry #2]

Posted January 1st, 2017 at 7:42 PM by JaDe.X105

Hey, JaDe here! And welcome to Part 2 of Genwunner No More!

Before I get started with Part 2, I want to state that I will be attempting each playthrough as a Gymlocke (Nuzlocke variant) where I will have a party limit and a level limit based on the next Gym Leader’s team in addition to the usual Nuzlocke rules. My party limit will be 1 more than the size of the next Gym Leader's team when facing Gym Leaders/Elite 4, and the level limit will be the next Gym Leader's highest level plus the size of their team. (I know, a little confusing...) With that clarified, let’s get back to Crystal!

With Spinarak caught I once again invoke the mystical powers of asking-my-girlfriend-what-to-name-it, and the only reasonable name of WebButt is decided on.

The NPC trainer battle along Route 30 is finally over, so I am able to battle a few more trainers and proceed on towards Route 31.

My first wild encounter along Route 31 is a Bellsprout. Its Vine Whip isn’t very effective against Spinarak, which makes it that much easier to catch it. Although I haven’t seen Little Shop of Horrors, I know that there’s a giant man-eating plant as the main monster, so I nickname Bellsprout after the plant in the movie: Audrey II.

Continuing along Route 31 towards Violet City I can see the entrance to a cave. A traveler tells me it’s called the Dark Cave, I wonder how it got that name... Ooh, I literally can’t see a single step in front of me, that’s where it got that creative name. Gotcha.

I immediately exit the cave and head west to Violet City. After healing my party I start exploring some of the houses. The first person I talk to wants to trade his Onix, and what are the chances that he’s looking for a Bellsprout... do I really give away the Pokémon I just caught?

I absolutely do, an Onix (already nicknamed ROCKY) is definitely going to be much more helpful than a Bellsprout. Now that the trade is done, it’s time to explore the rest of the town. Besides a school that teaches the very basics of Pokémon training, there is also Sprout Tower. I’ll give you 3 tries to guess what Pokémon each trainer has. If I can make my way to the top I will get an HM though, so you know it’s time to beat some little plants. As I reach the top though, who else but RatDog is claiming their own HM. Man, he sucks. It doesn’t take much to beat the Elder, and I receive HM05, the powerful move of Flash.

Before I can use Flash though, I must beat the Gym Leader, Falkner. I finish my tour around the City, but someone blocks me on Route 32 and says to go face the Gym, and Route 36 is blocked by a wiggly tree, so I guess I’ll head to the gym.

Due to the party limit, I’ll only be taking in Rocky, Kansas, and Feathers, since WebButt probably wouldn’t hold up too well against a Flying type gym. I gotta say, it really wasn’t a challenge to beat a Pidgey and a Pidgeotto. Winning the Zephyr Badge really was anticlimactic, but hey at least I didn’t lose any party members.

With my first badge officially acquired, I will be calling this the ending of G1NM: Crystal Part 2. Thank you so much for reading! I will be heading into the Dark Cave next so if you have a suggestion for who should learn Flash (or if you think I should just navigate through the cave in the dark), tell me down in the comments. Thanks again and I’ll see you soon.
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