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My blogging experience (Hey, gotta start somewhere)

My thoughts, feelings, and reports on a variety of topics I'm interested in at one time or another. This is a venue where I will really go in-depth with coverage.
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My blogging experience (Hey, gotta start somewhere)

Posted January 5th, 2017 at 7:56 PM by Otter Mii-kun
Updated January 6th, 2017 at 2:06 PM by Otter Mii-kun

Seeing how I just discovered the changes to the eligibility policies regarding blogs, in accordance to this update posted by none other than the wonderful Sheepy back a couple of months ago, which apparently I never noticed (I usually only read through the “Small Updates and Changes” thread for updates regarding the forums), I knew I wanted to set up a blog of my own.

Under the previous criteria of 2000+ posts, I would have been a long way away from being eligible, even now, unless I managed to post-splurge. For quite awhile now, I had actually been wanting to post a suggestion in the community feedback section that blogs be available to ordinary members not meeting the already-existing criteria if they had been registered on here for a certain period of time (I was thinking maybe 8-10 years), which would be considered as “high seniority”. Even though I have left and come back to these forums off and on over the past nearly 12 years since I first joined, it’s the most active of any of the Pokémon forums that I have regularly posted in.

To be certain, this is not my first time blogging on a forum. I first set up a blog on the original incarnation of Ever Grande City in February 2013, figuring I might as well take advantage of the feature, as I had been long eligible for blogging on there under the criteria specified on there at that time. However, in July 2014, just over two years after I first joined that forum, EGC crashed and had to be rebuilt, wiping out everything including my blog, although I had saved several of my entries awhile before hand, and printed some others on paper. I continued blogging on the second EGC, but it wasn’t too long until that forum closed for good. I carried over my blogging to successor forum Slateport City, which lasted only one year. When that forum closed, there was no actual successor other than to refer its users to SPC’s sister forums, Pokémon Crossroads and Petalburg Woods. Once again, I had carried over blogging to PXR, actually posting my first entry not long before SPC’s closure. However, after posting several entries, I last posted a blog there in mid-August, recapping what had been a busy summer I had been having.

Needless to say, my overall activity on PXR had plunged, where I rarely ever post much there, although I do visit that forum on almost a daily basis just to see what’s going on. Although I had some topics on mind to blog about on there, I never really had the motivation to write anything since late August 2016. I had also been trying to increase my activity on PC at that same time, with a goal to reach 2,000 posts. That effort mostly bombed out, as I had been going through other issues in life since then, including the incredible stress from dealing with the controversy that was the 2016 US Presidential election, a controversy that is continuing even today, just 15 days away from the scheduled inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. What was really surprising is how Trump managed to squeak by in Michigan, resulting in my state appointing Republican electors for the first time since George H. W. Bush won in 1988. Of course, everything was very different back in ‘88-for one thing, I was just an infant when the first Bush won the Presidency. Just how much different, you may ask? Here’s some things I can think of:

In November 1988:
  • ABC had premiered Roseanne and NBC premiered Empty Nest the previous month. Murphy Brown was a week away from its series premiere on CBS. The Fox network was just two years old and only programming prime time on Saturday and Sunday evenings.
  • The CW and MyNetworkTV didn’t exist at the time. Even The WB and UPN themselves (both of which were replaced by The CW) were several years away from being created.
  • The evening network news programs of ABC, NBC, and CBS were anchored by Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, and Dan Rather, respectively.
  • The long-established “Big Three” networks were all running cartoons on Saturday mornings.
  • For local television stations:
    • WNEM-TV 5 was Flint and Saginaw’s NBC affiliate, WEYI-TV 25 was affiliated with CBS for that market. ABC affiliate WJRT-TV 12 was owned by Knight-Ridder, but in the process of being sold to SJL Broadcast Management. WJRT was broadcasting the nighttime syndicated versions of Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune for the region at that time. WEYI was owned by Television Station Partners, and Flint’s PBS outlet was known as WFUM-TV 28, owned by the University of Michigan (that station is now WCMZ-TV, a satellite station of Central Michigan University’s WCMU-TV 14). The Tri-Cities’ PBS station, run by Delta College, was then known as WUCM-TV 19 (which continues today as WDCQ).
    • WJBK-TV 2 in Detroit was affiliated with CBS, WKBD-TV 50 was that market’s Fox affiliate. Channel 20 was an independent station known as WXON (later WDWB and now WMYD), Channel 62 was WGPR-TV, an independent owned by a group of African-American Masons, and WADL 38 was months away from its first sign-on.

  • Everybody’s All-American, The Good Mother, and They Live were among the movies that just opened in theaters the weekend before the election. Disney’s Oliver and Company was almost two weeks away from its opening.

  • VHS was the dominant home video format in use at the time, having beat out Betamax years before in a highly-publicized format war.
  • Microsoft was about to release MS-DOS 4.01. DOS was the de-facto standard operating system on IBM PC compatibles during this period. Windows, then a 16-bit graphical environment for DOS, was at version 2.10, but that product line was not yet in wide use, and still largely unknown to the general public. At the same time, OS/2 was being jointly promoted by both MS and IBM as a replacement for both DOS and Windows.
  • In addition to the Macintosh, Apple also was selling two variants of the Apple II series, the IIe and IIGS. Their now-universally recognized iPod, iPad, and iPhone were decades away from being introduced.

  • Jim Blanchard (D) was Governor of Michigan at that time, serving his second term. Fellow Democrat Don Riegle, Jr. was re-elected to a third term to the state’s U.S. Senate delegation. Carl Levin (D) was in the middle of his second term as Senator.
  • There were 18 Congressional House districts for Michigan back then.
  • The statewide elected executive branch offices (Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General) as well as the state Legislature did not yet have term limits.
  • All of Southeast Michigan, including Flint, was area code 313. The central third of the Lower Peninsula, including Saginaw, Alpena, and the Thumb, was 517, and all of West Michigan, from the Indiana border up to the Mackinaw Bridge, was 616.
  • Ameritech, Citizens Bank (Flint), Dawn Donuts, Farmer Jack, GTE, Hudson’s, NBD Bank, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Perry Drug Stores were all still in business.
  • The electric and natural gas operations of what is now DTE Energy were separate companies named Detroit Edison and Michigan Consolidated Gas, respectively. Consumers Energy was still known as “Consumers Power”.
  • K-mart was considered a major (and thriving) big-box retailer at that time. Walmart was many years away from entering the spotlight.
  • Pokémon didn’t even exist yet (duh!), being over seven years away from having its first games introduced and ten years away from coming to the US.

It is my hope to be able to cover topics of my interest and do so in a thought-invoking way. You will find that I am a person of such detail, because sometimes the small things can make a big difference. Quite an era we're living in now, eh?
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