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Kolaches! (Day 10 of 365)

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Kolaches! (Day 10 of 365)

Posted January 10th, 2017 at 9:17 PM by Meganium

Mood: Tired!!
Currently Watching: Justice League Action

I was at work for most of the day today. My alarm went off at 9 am because Roy wanted to take a drive up to Webster (where NASA is pretty much located), to visit Kolache Factory. Basically, kolaches are really amazing pieces of bread with filling. It could be sweet filling like strawberry, cherry or even cream cheese (my fave!), and there's also egg filled kolaches with either sausage, bacon, or potato. Most of them have cheese included. They're pretty much a Texas thing from what I've heard, but they originally came from the Czech Republic.

However, I was too groggy to wake up at 9 am, so I stayed in bed until 9:30. Roy was the one that wanted to go there anyways, and I was driving. So I had no rush to go. When I finally decided to wake up, Roy followed me and got ready quicker than I did (he only had to change pants).

I ended up getting a pizza-flavored kolache (my favorite!), a sausage and egg kolache, and a special Italian chicken kolache. Those were for sure to fill me up. Roy has been giving me beef about their chicken enchilada kolache. I thought it wasn't even that good. I wish they added at least a tortilla piece in it to give it some authenticity. >_>

Work was stressful. Two of my co-technicians called out, so I had to handle most of the work orders today, as well as helping out on the sales floor because the retail side of the store was also short staffed. Tax season has arrived here in the US, so I understand it's a good time to get prepared and all. I'm sure tomorrow will be the same, because we have been short staffed for quite a while now.
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