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Battle Frontier is not coming back.

Posted August 2nd, 2017 at 11:19 PM by Alexander18

Battle Frontier was a feature introduced in Emerald. Platinum had its own version of it and HGSS had it too. But since then, the Battle Frontier has not reappeared. PWT was made for B2W2. Battle Maison was made for both XY and ORAS. Battle Tree was made for SM.

Here is why i believe the BF is not coming back:

1. Game Freak stated in a interview that people wouldn't have time for the Battle Frontier any more and would get bored with it. This sealed the deal for me.

2. Battle Frontier stopped after HGSS. As i said on top, no game after HGSS had the Battle Frontier. It has been gone for far too long so i consider it dead.

3. If the Battle Frontier was returning, ORAS was the perfect opportunity to have it but it didn't. That to me says no more BF for future games especially DP remakes.

In conclusion, i do not think the Battle Frontier return ever again. Don't count on it being in USUM, DP remakes and any other game. We have to move on and stop begging for one. It is not gonna happen.
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