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We Need New Friends (Day ? of 365 lol)

Posted March 12th, 2017 at 9:17 PM by Meganium

Hey everyone, I know I kinda stopped at the 365 blog. I've been pretty busy doing other things. I just haven’t had the chance to catch up (because yay adulthood and stuff).

A lot of stuff irl has been going on with me lately, mainly with whatever happened in the circle of friends that Roy, my boyfriend, and I are a part of. To summarize, two of my best friends broke up with each other, and got into a domestic violence dispute that rocked the circle. Things since then haven't been the same anymore, and it will never be the same now.

Roy decided to stick to being friends with the guy who hit the girl, who is also my friend. But I refused to be friends with the guy. And our opinions are still different now. We don’t touch the subject, because he knows I get a bit triggered.

Slowly, I've stepped away from the circle of friends that I was a part of, mainly because everything was feeling awkward knowing that the circle was divided into two: Ones who are supporting my "girl" friend, and ones who are supporting my now ex-guy friend. Even though a couple weeks after the incident, the guy apologized, and she and him have started to hang out again…as friends. The circle of friends is now back together. However, I'm one of the few who still won't accept his apology and forgiveness.

And people who know me personally, when it comes to situations like domestic violence, it is extremely unforgiveable for me. As in, if you hit someone, especially a woman, get the psyduck out of my life.

I decided to step away from the circle of friends and decided to just do my own thing. We had a facebook chat that was open for over a year, and I decided to leave the chat primarily because the guy was starting to talk about political stuff that I was uncomfortable talking about. I talked a few times, but I was ignored…so there was no point in me actually staying. Once I leave, I get a bunch of messages from people that never bothered to say hi to me in the past. They get all butthurt telling me why I had left the chat. It was like…"whyyyy are you asking me this when you never really talk to me in the first place?" I mean, don't get all pissy when I leave the chat. Don't get all mad when you're the ones who never really made me feel welcome. I'm sorry I'm one of those people that will never accept your "friend"'s apology. To me, he is no longer my friend, and if you guys are going to keep being friends with that creep, then I will stay away.

This is where I realized…I seriously needed new friends.

Sure, I would count co-workers, but the only time I see my co-workers is…you know, at work.

This is why I my activity here on PC has increased. I feel like muk when opinions matter in real life. It's just that…it's how I feel towards the subject. It's very very sensitive for me. I mean, if Roy ever did lay a hand on me, I would have left him by now. I'll let Roy stay in that circle of friends, but I will exclude myself. It didn't matter. I'll be fine making new friends of my own, whether online or off.

So, I'm back here on PC…with increased activity…making sure my time is used wisely when I'm online. I'm back and active at the Roleplaying area. Apparently I was missed there!! I'm so flattered by the greeting and the welcome I've gotten from the roleplaying regulars there, meeting the new generation as well as getting reacquainted with the old. Thanks guys for making me feel welcome again.
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    gimmepie's Avatar
    Just make sure you stick around! xD
    Also good luck with the IRL stuff too
    Posted March 13th, 2017 at 5:13 PM by gimmepie gimmepie is offline