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My thoughts on Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon [October 5, 2017]

Posted October 5th, 2017 at 6:24 AM by 27thColt

[I]October 5, 2017[/I]

So the new Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon trailers just came out revealing Megaopolis, The Ultra Recon Squad, & UB - Adhesive.

Personally, I am quite psyducking stoked about the new games! Add to that the Mantine surfing, more customization options, Pokemon, and the other 2 new other Ultra Beasts!

They have definitely upped that stakes with their games. I feel like the new games will be more story-driven with more cut scenes. Which may get annoying, I personally find as awesome. This games' story will probably no longer be bound to a certain walk pattern or textbox. Of course it may lose a bit of it's charm that way but that's what happens when things evolve (like Pokemon).

However, I have also seen a lot of comments on Youtube & Facebook comments saying how they won't buy USUM since they think it will be the same as Pokemon SM, Which is completely understandable. it has been 5 years since the last release of some sort of third version/sequel (2012 with B2W2), so of course there will be people unfamiliar with the concept.

And although USUM isn't even out yet, I can guarantee that USUM will be a whole 'nother experience. Whenever a sequel/third version has released in the past, the duo versions that it followed always seemed lackluster in comparison. I mean, have you seen the new Ultra Space?
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