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5th Tier today? Huzzah!

Posted October 11th, 2008 at 6:07 PM by Brien

well, I had $28.52 lying on a paypal from donations,

I used to do some coding stuff for a friend of mine's forum, and I was a mod for it >.<

He payed me for the help, 30 bucks, which was reduced to that odd sum due to paypal's greed.

It has rotted away in the account for some time now, and decided to request my mom to lend me her credit card- so I could temporarily verify the account.

Of all the things I could have bought with it;

I was definately considering buying some manga to be shipped to my house, but Instead I felt I should be curteous to the forum I have fell in love with.

It all started when I was talking to my friend about playing crystal version a year ago.

We got really into it and I got a bit more into the technical battling than him.

Before I know it, I found my older games and bought some I didn't have, filling in on lost time ^.^

I HAD to find a community of people who played as well- but at the time, I only read the posts here.

Bleh, this blog is getting too long.

I joined PC actively a week ago- feel in love with it, and decided to donate to benefit in any way I could.

Huzzah, long post!
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