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From daily life in the astral planes to tutorials and creativity showcase, this blog documents the thoughts, feelings, and everything Kurui x3. Comments appreciated!
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~Squish!~ :: Xtermin8ors

Posted August 21st, 2012 at 10:51 PM by Kurui

"Exterminate! Can't hide from fate!"

This blog entry has nothing to do with Dalek, however, you know Dalek is awesome, and so is NN, so have a kicking butt song by him about Dalek. Well there ya go.



My teeth are whitening as we speak. Oh, this gum. <3

Anyway! Zero Avenged and I have formed a new dynamic duo of a team that will guaranteed save the world from disaster at the! of giant ants, should that time ever arise (and you know it will). We've already begun circulating our ideas and plans. Though giant ant invasions cannot be prevented (heck if we can barely get them to stop entering our yards and homes as tiny pissants, there's no way giant alien ants will be stopped from trying to colonize our pitiful little planet) we've come up with measures of stamping them out (literally!). By way of giant (it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a) SHOE!

Zero deduced that giant alien ants most likely have some kind of immunity against our bug sprays even if layered in large amounts. That is why giant shoes must be manufactured for humanity's safety. We plead with the rest of the world to please collaborate with us to craft the finest bug-stomping footwear since Air Force Ones.

Friends! Let us rally together against this terrible pest army! We will show them that our green Earth is no picnic!



Wake up.
Feel better than usual.
Talk to Toady on failbook.
Find out I am going to TGI Friday's.
Watch Toady on camera.
Listen to Toady swear at Pokemanz game he is playing.
Wash my hair in tea tree and sweet almond mint stuff.
Get prettied up.
Cry inside because I can't get my own webcam to work.
Watch Toady some more.
Drool over fuzzy green hair.
Get a call that ride arrives.
Ride to TGI Fridays.
Eat at TGI Fridays while texting Toady.
Come back home for more Toadytime.
Sleep and dream of Toady.
Wake up and curse at dream for not being real.
Find out Toady is superhappy.
Realize life is good <3
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