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Anything :: Art Progress

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Anything :: Art Progress

Posted August 27th, 2012 at 5:33 AM by Kurui

Anything is (c) ChiMeGo and Mortimer Toynbee.
I own nothing of this.


Art Jealous:

WIP of Eve Maiden.

I'll admit, I can be a jealous sort. Envy is probably the deadly sin that best matches me. And I've helped Toad grow and develop his art skills, and now he has surpassed my own. >: So I remain jealous of him and his pretty colouring ways.

His current WIP is that of Eve Maiden for his original RPG, Anything. I'm healping to clean up the line-art and adjust it to his gorgeous colour job. We pass the image back and forth until he'll finally decide if it is done. So while he is the majour artist of the game development I still play quite a large role. We'll also be doing some 2D animation together.

Either way his art has gone from great to absofantasticalutely GORGEOUS in the 2-ish months he's been practicing for the final look of the product. This game will definitely be eye candies. <3 Even if nothing else is good about it. XD

Also, the mouth that will make up her stomach gives me the creeps, but it's so........pretty that I just can't help but stare. I know the final image will just be breathtakingly beautiful. Let the jaws hit the floor.
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