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Brownie or Brownie? Or Brownie?

Posted January 7th, 2014 at 9:22 AM by Griffinbane

When the night owls of #tradecorner are away... the day folk all come out to play!

12:08 <Kabu> hey zerk?
12:08 <Berzerk> hmm?
12:08 <Berzerk> hi?
12:08 <Kabu> go play with a brownie
12:09 <Berzerk> >.<
12:09 <Kabu> lol
12:09 <Berzerk> I like brownies
12:09 <Kabu> and i dont mean the chocolate desert
12:09 Griff whaps Kabu
12:09 <Goo> A little girl?
12:09 <Berzerk> eww
12:09 <Kabu> brownie is a brown snake highly venomous found in australia
12:10 <Goo> Oh!
12:10 <Goo> How cute!
12:10 <Goo> I was thinking girlscouts.
12:10 <Kabu> lol
12:10 <Griff> Oh, I thought you meant brownie as in the cousin of fawns.
12:10 <Berzerk> i was too at one point
12:10 <Griff> >.>
12:10 <Goo> LAWL So many brownies!
12:10 Griff flees!
12:10 <Kabu> fine zerk go swim with a pointer
12:10 <Berzerk> nty
12:11 <Griff> What's a pointer?
12:11 <Berzerk> we could make some brownie brownies
12:11 <Berzerk> :B
12:11 <Goo> And we could give them to brownies
12:11 Goo is imagining little girls with snake shaped chocolate desert treats
12:11 <Kabu> pointer= great white
12:12 <Griff> >.>
12:12 <Griff> I'm gonna feed you all to brownies.
12:12 <Berzerk> dont like snakkkeesss?
12:12 <Goo> Oh, now the deserts eating US
12:12 <Goo> Or are the little girls Zombies?
12:13 <Griff> It is what you make of it.
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