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Flawless Shinies

Posted May 24th, 2014 at 4:51 PM by Tyrael

For the beginning part of my summer, I'm spending it in Missouri with some family up here(I'm really only here for a new car from my dad, shhhhh). While I'm here, I've been spending my spare time breeding for some flawless shinies. The first Pokemon that I've decided to breed is a Gible in Safari Ball, which was bred for me by my lovely pair! :D

As of the posting of this blog, I've hatched 665 eggs and gotten three shiny Gible from it. Obviously none of them have been good. I'm pretty bummed out that I haven't gotten a good one yet, but I'm still going to keep hatching for a good one.. No matter how many more shinies it takes me >.>
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