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My challenge ideas

Posted November 24th, 2018 at 12:24 PM by slyfox198

Hello, and thank you for visiting my humble corner of Pokecommunity. This blog post is dedicated to my challenge rants, which are full of wrinkles that maybe an interested reader could flush out! Without further ado, here is my complicated mess of challenge ideas that I have posted to the challenge forum's Ideas and Discussion. I probably got that name wrong. Whatever. Stop going off on a rant, me!
Due to my ADHD creative thoughts go through my head frequently so I wanted to write this challenge down before it gets lost in the sea of thoughts, aka my mind.
This one will require a bit of playtesting to perfect. I'm already playing three pokemon games as well as FE: Shadows of Valentia and Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, so I personally don't think I can take on another game ATM but if enough people like this idea I can get around to testing it once I'm done with one of the games. Anyways, enough of my ranting...
In this challenge, you are an illegal pokemon dealer!
Essentially, my idea is that your playthrough is by default limited thoroughly. As previously mentioned, it will require playtesting and honestly more intense thought than I am giving it now, but here are some ideas. Keep in mind this is only how you start the game.
1. Only two pokemon on your team
2. Your money is limited, I don't know how much yet
3.1 trip to pokemon center after you get pokeballs
4. you are default on set mode
Keep in mind you can always catch any amount of pokemon, but you must move them to your unspent or undealed or whatever-you-want-to-call-them-boxes if your team spaces are limited ATM.
As you can see it won't really be a fun challenge ATM. But this is where your illegal dealing helps you! If only you could get into that slowpoke tail dealing, you could make a ton...
By converting pokemon you catch to a box titled "dealed" or something or releasing them, you can slowly gain overall perks or temporary boosts. For instance, you could release, let's say, two pokemon for a trip to the pokemon center (I know the amount of pokemon you normall catch differs by game- right now I'm mainly playing gen 1-2 so that's where my mind naturally goes) or release eight to gain a third party slot permanently. You can release some to use more of your money, release some to permanently switch the battle mode to switch, etc.
Another rule is that you can only catch pokemon on the highest-level available route you can train on. For example, if I have three gym badges in pokemon blue, I can't go back to route 1 for easy pokemon catching. This balances it because you gradually get more money as the game progresses and buying 99 pokeballs to go on a catching spree is absolutely broken in this challenge.
So that's what I'm thinking of right now, I might have a bajillion edits like normal but that's what I recall from my previous thoughts of the challenge. Please leave feedback and I hope you all have successful challenge runs!

A second idea I had, and this post will be much smaller, thank Arceus. My schedule can't handle all this.
I had the idea of a nuzlocke where after you gain a badge/complete a trial or something you trade your team off to another player who completed the same badge/trial and is waiting for a trade-off. After your next badge/trialoh screw it call it a checkpoint!- you trade off your newer team to someone else or the same person. It'd be really cool seeing how others train your pokemon and how they build movesets, nickname, etc.. This challenge, if it comes to fruition, will be a test of how far your dependance and trust will go! Getting angry at the person who accidentally killed off half of your team is part of the fun, folks.
Anyways, please leave feedback if you like because I'd really like to see this idea come to life! Hope your challenges do well in the meantime :)

Introducing a new idea: The Budgetlocke!

This is a redesign of my older idea where you are a pokemon dealer and you trade in pokemon for perks throughout your run. However, after some contemplation and feedback it seemed more of a chore than a fun run. Hopefully this one will pique someone's interest.

It may be a world of pokemon, but that's no reason to be getting hundreds of dollars each time you defeat someone. No more happy-go-lucky shopping sprees of 99 potions, you have a limited budget this time around and trainers aren't so willing to donate hundreds of dollars to passerby 11 year olds. If only it were that way in real life...
Starting Restrictions:
-You start out with a TBD amount of money that you keep track of out of game
-This is a nuzlocke challenge at its core, so the nuzlocke rules apply here
-You have a limited number of pokemon on your team, lets say two for now
- Limited trips to poke center
-limited level cap
-and so on. I think you get the idea, there will be a lot of restrictions. To keep track of them, if this challenge comes to fruition, I could whip up a chart that you could print off to keep track of everything
Spending Money:
Money is your lifelink in this game (and in real life) if you don't spend money you are almost guaranteed to lose. You probably will have no chance of winning, actually. Money can be used lift certain restrictions and do a lot of other things. The full list is not fleshed out, but for example:
-To catch a wild pokemon you spend 10 dollars (it must be the first on the route, like a normal nuzlocke)
-A new party slot costs 50 dollars
-Another trip to the pokecenter costs 10 dollars
-Using a healing item costs 5 dollars
-Raising level cap costs 10 dollars
...and so on.
Earning Money:
Earning money is relatively simple. You get a certain amount for each gym you beat, a certain amount for each trainer you beat, and so on. Another way to earn money is by completing challenges (I will make these if this challenge gets approved). You have a certain number of challenges that cycle out and completing them awards you money. For example:
Skip catching pokemon until next gym: 50 dollars
Set loose 2 pokemon: 40 dollars

The challenges will fit to your current situation and for now I'm thinking of them being replenished at every badge you get. They may also differ by game.

I also thought of gambling, but I don't want to add too much to make this thing extremely complicated, so I'll end it at here. I'd appreciate feedback on how I can develop it!
What about.... the Alphalocke?

One of your pokemon can be the designated alpha of your team, or pack. The pack consists of one type of pokemon but the alpha can be anything. The alpha It can level up 3-4 times per gym badge and the rest of the pack stays below the alpha's level. If the alpha raises another level past the limit, you must kill a random member of the pack that is not the alpha. If another pack member reaches the level of the alpha, roll a die. 1-2: the daring pack member kills the alpha and becomes the new alpha, 3-6: The alpha kills the member and stays in its position.
The first pokemon you find past the gym you just beat/ found after you get pokeballs for the first time is the pokemon that your pack will consist of. Immediately catch four more to complete the pack of six, alpha included. Important: After catching the first pack member (other than the alpha) whenever you come across another of the same pokemon you must catch it unless you have a full team. In other words, you can't dawdle and try to get the highest level pokemon of the same type, once you find one you gotta catch it.
Your starter starts as the alpha. You must catch the pack first thing, and if you level up in the process it's fine, just prioritize catching and nothing else. Now that all six members are in place, the rule with alpha-past-level-limit applies and if you want to level it past the cap you must kill a random member afterwards.
Once you fill your team of six, you cannot catch any more pokemon until the next badge, period. If you run out of pokemon, you failed the pack. You're as good as dead.
Once you acquire a new gym badge, release your entire pack, save the alpha. Now, rinse and repeat: When you find a pokemon for the first time after the badge, catch it, immediately catch five others. Continue on your way.
You may switch into your alpha during battle, but your alpha may not switch out.
If your alpha dies, the entire pack runs away, except for the lowest level pack member. It becomes the new alpha, but you may not catch any more pokemon until the next badge is acquired. If it levels past the limit, you lose. Tough luck.

I think that's all, feedback appreciated!
I have (yet another) idea. Sorry about all the spontaneous ideas I post here, maybe someone who is interested in them can smooth out the many wrinkles that plague them. Anyways, this is more idea-like and not very fleshed out. I think it's an interesting concept. My idea:
Integrating a gacha-like system into a pokemon run.
If you don't know what gacha is, it's a mechanic apparent in many Japanese free-to-play game titles. Generally, it goes like this: Once you have enough in-game currency, you can try your luck at random RNG rolls for heroes or whatnot. Usually it's designed to get the consumers to pay.
I think it has potential. I'm willing to sort through many pokemon and divide them into viability ranks, just like how gachas are sorted into worse, common characters and better, rarer characters. I'm not quite sure what the best incarnation of this would be for pokemon challenges; it could be a nuzlocke, standard run, or over multiple generations. I brainstormed some ideas of how to acquire these gachamon, and the rules of how the pokemon themselves will work.
1. First of all I'd like to share an important rule I came up with for how the gachamon operate. Once you acquire it, through whatever method is final, it has a certain level cap and cannot evolve. There may be other limitations involved depending on the rarity of the pokemon in the gacha. Maybe hacking could be involved with IV caps and stuff. For the level limits, it'll probably depend on where you are in the game and the rarity of the pokemon. Once its past its cap, you get rid of it and maybe depending on how you did with it you get points towards your next gacha roll.
2. Obtaining points. Points could be obtained by maxing pokemon levels, acquiring gym badges, and defeating trainers. Once you have a certain amount of points you can enter the gacha. You get more points on average the further you get in the challenge and therefore can participate in higher level gacha rolls that are worth more points.

That's essentially it for now. It needs a lot of smoothing out and I'd really like it if someone who is interested in creating this can help flesh it out. I like the idea of acquiring pokemon through a gacha mechanic for a challenge and I think it can be done.
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    I'm willing to sort through many pokemon and divide them into viability ranks, just like how gachas are sorted into worse, common characters and better, rarer characters.
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