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Shine Diamond episode 78a--The Afterpost

Posted August 24th, 2019 at 12:32 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the group and Danielle arrive in Canalave City, only to be caught up in a mystery!

The start of this arc was heavily rewritten to account for Team Rocket being cut. "Jumping Rocket Ship" didn't work when transferred over from Rocket to Galactic, so it was taken out. I next had to figure out how Ash and the gang could get to Canalave without leaving a big gap. My solution was to make a breather interlude where the group has an uneventful flight there, playing "Chambers and Charizards" to pass the time.

Brock quotes Canalave's Japanese description when the group arrives.

I also wanted the Canalave Library in the episode, and give it a little more of a role than it did in the real show. The group will be coming to the library for research before they travel to Full Moon Island.

In the Pokeworld, mall culture never really died, so there are hundreds of malls large and small across each of the eight regions--the Canalave Plaza being one of the bigger ones in Shinou.

Brock owns a Kalosian survival knife (the Pokeworld counterpart of a Swiss Army knife) with a magnifying glass, so this was how he was able to spot the fake Lunar Wing. I also called back to movie 10 during the exam.

Next time, the group encounters Cresselia, who spurs a miracle evolution!
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