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My White 2 Playthrough Part 5!

Posted November 15th, 2012 at 2:09 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™
Updated November 15th, 2012 at 2:17 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™

Okay, after completing Elesa's combo fashion show/Gym battle (and still wishing I had brought my best formal dress to the affair), I make a small detour to Route 16 (which is supposed to be the highway running between Savannah and Macon, so what's it doing here???) and a nearby forest to make my last team recruit... Shelly the Combee, who promptly evolves into Vespiquen. Now with party complete, I prepare to head out... oh crap, it's Rick and more of Team Weirdo... I mean Plasma. I have to laugh though... this one Plasma member brags that he's been training this Pokemon he stole over two years ago, and yet I destroy him with Cassie, who I've been training less than two days.

After another yawner of a battle, it's storytime from Rick. Apparently he's peeved at Plasma because they stole his sister's Purrloin.

Wait. That's it?!

Dude, you've been raging and going ballistic over THAT? By the way you were getting so agitated, I thought they had done something truly nasty, like empty your retirement nest egg or something. But raging over something so frivolous... dude, I think you need to seek the help of a professional about your anger management issues. I don't want to even think of how you'd react if you were one of Bernie Madoff's victims... except that I'd want to be at least 150 or 200 miles away when you blow your top.

Anyway, Route 5 is uneventful despite supposedly being the major north-south route down the West Coast... well there's this self proclaimed heartbreaker on a motorcycle. His name... Charles... but I think I ended up breaking his heart instead. Oops...

Anyway, I attempt to enter the next town when I run into a verbal argument between two weirdly-dressed individuals. Oddball #1 is the guy from Plasma that I just wiped out. Oddball #2 is apparently a former member of that organization who invites me to his bachelor pad after Oddball #1 takes off. Okay, that was awkward. Why do I always arrive at these places at the wrong time?

Wow, Driftveil City is weird... there are a ton of hotels, but none of them are affiliated with a national chain... no Marriott or Embassy, not a Hampton Inn or Quality Inn, not even a Best Western or Howard Johnson. There must be some underlying reason none of these places are good enough to be affiliated with even the most basic economy motel brand. Bedbug infestation, fire code violations, rotting floors, employees engaged in illegal activities - there's gotta be something fishy going on where no national chain wants anything to do with these shady operations. And I think I smelled a combination of mold and cat urine in the lobbies of a couple of them. Half of them didn't have wireless internet at all. The others wanted to charge $7.99 a night for it. And none offered free continental breakfast. My "Ripoff Detector" was going off big-time.

Well, leaving the shady Bates Motel type facilities to someone who wants a filthy room for $34.99 a night, I head to that house overlooking the Gym. Oh great, Ricky boy's here too, and he's ranting and raving about nothing in particular. This old guy in a robe comes out, introduces himself as Rood, and challenges me. After I win, I'm led inside the house where a certain someone once again blows his top at Rood before storming off.

Dude... nobody cares. I bet even your kid sister has moved on to hedge fund investments and collecting classic cars. Anyway, apparently everyone here is formerly of Team Plasma, and while I do appreciate their efforts to atone for their crimes, I still have to ask, "Why aren't y'all doing your atonement in a federal penitentiary?"

Okay, Gym time.

Lisa vs. Clay

First up, Cassie takes on Krokorok. Two Earth Power strikes wins this one. Next, Ashley faces Sandslash. This guy takes three hits to take down, but the first strike was essentially a free one because I used Fake Out first turn. Man, I love that move Finally, it's Vince versus Excadrill. Despite being Clay's strongest Pokemon, it's the one I had the easiest time with, taking it down with one Water Pulse. Yes, I know I could've used Vince to sweep here, but I like to spread the experience wealth around.

My Team:
Vince (Samurott), Lv41
Ashley (Liepard), Lv41
Howard (Ampharos), Lv41
Lawrence (Espeon), Lv41
Cassie (Vibrava), Lv41
Shelly (Vespiquen), Lv35
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