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All is full of love... ♥

Credits to Anastasia-R for the amazing graffiti.. :3
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All is full of love... ♥

Posted October 2nd, 2009 at 7:53 PM by Angela

Omg check out the high notes after 2:30...

Anyway.. I was just looking at youtube and saw a Björk song I had added to favorites earlier this year around January.... :D

This one... The live version of bachelorette

Anyway this is a semi long story....

At the beginning of the semester 2008 in November there was a singing contest in my school.. Well I entered with Madonna's like a prayer... I won the contest which allowed me entry to the singing contest of all the Colleges on Iceland around 30 or so I'm not sure.... Anyway the rules are really simple you must enter a song.. You must use vocals and the song has to be translated to Icelandic... And seeing the performance was live on tv I really wasn't gonna sing Madonna.... So I sat down and started searching for a song for the contest.... After about 2 months of searching I decided to go with Björks Bacholorette... I translated the song ok everything was running smoothly the school was 100% behind my back and some students learning media studies and music gave me a hand with the audio.... Anyway the same guys that helped me with the audio, those are the ones that helped me record my song that is in my first post...... Anyway we practice for months....

And when the big day was finally here I go to Akureyri perform the song with live instruments and a recorded audio tape.. And what do you know.. I get 3rd place.... I was happy with that but I wanted 1st place....

Anyway after that we focused on finishing the song that we did and you have all probably heard....

Anyway... That was not the first time I appear on tv.. The first time is semi corny... Seeing there is this thing called Skrekkur were each school in the capital enters a play with a moral to a contest and the best plays gets to the finales that are aired on TV.... Anyway what did I do there.. Well I'll gladly tell you what I did.. I nearly smashed my vocals thats what I did....

In the act I was suppose to sing All by myself you know the Celine Dion song... Seeing all the girls knew I had been taking vocal lessons for years so they automatically assumed that I was capable of singing that song.. Anyway at the time I was pretty sure I could manages the song.... Anyway the school hired a director.. Or aka asked a old student that had been in the school many years ago and had graduated from acting school...

She came when the time we had was half way over... By that time I had overdone my voice... When she heard me sing she just yelled at me.. What the hell are you doing trying to destroy your voice... I was so shocked at her.. Anyway it ended like this 4-3 weeks before the big night my voice had mostly gone so that girl decided that I couldn't do the song on my own... So she held auditions and found some backups... My voice recovered and I was able to sing.. But seeing I had back ups I didn't have to go that high up.. I held the note perfectly.. Anyway we won that night..... And I escaped with a sore throat... I was sore for a long time after and didn't attempt singing for a while after that, anyway I didn't match Celine Dion... You'd have to be god knows what to do that, maybe a kettle... xD

But I can assure you it was not all thanks to me.. The act took 7 minutes and the act had dancers actors.. Most of the girls had been practicing dancing for years so they just got they're dance teacher to help them with the choreography... And when this was all over we we're allowed to watch us on video tape.. We were all uber exited when watching it... :D

But I competed next year.. We wrote a song for the contest... And after all that pressure was over around December, we didn't win that year.. Didn't even make it to TV.... I got my pearl game and in January after that I joined forums... So I didn't do any singing in the months between January and September.. xD

Which brings us to Madonna... :Þ

Then Bachelorette then my part as a Nun in Romeo and Juliet.. I got to sing a song.. Tho there were only 3 shows... xD

Anyway it's the time to get preprepared for this years singing contest.... At a student body meeting we we're talking about postponing it until February or May seeing we aren't getting as much fundings after Iceland's Economy fell.. We have to buy empty water bottles at school if we want water they no longer hand out plastic cups and all field trips have been cut out.. And last year we got a planner book.. You know that had pictures from the prom the year before and the freshman hunt and had a calendar.... Anyway non of that this year seeing we didn't have Money this year.. So this year pretty much sucks... And I hope the Dutch and British are lenient on Iceland so that we are not stuck in this crummy situation forever.. And I hope that Iceland doesn't play the part of the push over... Like it has been since that Lesser Jóhanna was elected....

So I have extra months to practice for the next competition... So I'm wondering if I should enter with my song or try something else... Who knows... :D

Anyway I might be going to a funeral next week.. My uncle OD'd.. RIP.... If I go then I wont be online next weekend...


XOXO Angela
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