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In which Page posts his Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Nuzlocke information

Posted March 6th, 2018 at 4:01 AM by PageEmperor

In case you guys are wondering, it’s for the latest update(the one released this year). I’m in the city with the 4th gym, but I don’t have the Grass badge yet.

Current team:
WaterBottle the Poliwrath (M) I know that wasn’t his name in the comic but whatev. He should be more useful now as I taught him Brick break.

Froby the Pikachu (M) Apparently in this hack it was made to be stronger and it also has a light ball so hes doing quite a lot.

Rock thing the Golem (F) Didn’t expect her to make it so far but she has. I also improvised her moveset later on, so hopefully she will be more interesting to use.

Coinette the Persian (F) Added her to the team since she could learn the reusable Thunderbolt TM I got in the cave and because she had Technician. Which is good because now Fake out is actually useful.

Leaves the Gloom (F) Was definitely the hardest to train at first but now shes sorta okay. Hopefully she won’t be so bad after evolving.

Masked! the Marowack (M) +Attack nature, and Thick club? Yes please. Sure his moveset is just okay but having the highest attack on the team is great.

Dr. Beak the Doduo (M) Decided to switch grind Ms. Bug the Metapod against the Rivals Scyther who hits him with Vicegrip (I think). He happened to outspeed again and it was the end of Dr. Beak.

Filah the Pidgey (M) Died also while switch grinding my Metapod but this time to a wild.

Furdude the Mankey (M) Fell while trying to capture Fiz the Gyarados. This was probably the saddest death of the run, not because the other deaths wern’t too important but he was proving to actually be quite good after learning Karate chop so I thought he’d go far. He did some really cool stuff at the gym too.

Mr. Grass the Ivysaur (M) Also died trying to capture Fiz the Gyarados.

Fiz the Gyarados (M) Died against a Scientist’s exploding Magnemite. He actually had an exploding Magnemite and Voltorb and while Ms. Bug the Butterfree survived against Voltorb, Fiz did not.

Ms. Bug the Butterfree (F) Died against a grunts Raticate. “Hurr we put it to sleep and are slowly downing its healt with Dream eater this will be easy” and then it woke up and Critted her with Hyper fang.

Thing the Nidoran♂ I can’t remember if he actually did die but if he did it was probably against a Starmie or something.

SeaItNow the Horsea (M) If memory serves I accidentally reeled a higher leveled Horsea I couldn’t beat so I sacrificed him.

TrueBlue the Psyduck (F) I forgot about the higher leveled wilds in the area I trained her in and she got critted to death. Ow.

And there were possibly more. This run may or may not have succeded my highest body count in a nuzrun.

Not going to post my Box as I can’t remember who was in there.
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