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Summer Cleaning.

Posted June 24th, 2011 at 1:43 AM by NurseBarbra
Updated June 24th, 2011 at 1:51 AM by NurseBarbra

So yes. I have begun the cleanout of my old notepads and hardback copies. I've found some intresting notes and sketches from Recurrance's predessor, Evanesce.
There was also an SD card stuck into one of the pages which had some files and images of the progress.

This was to be the title screen and banner, Misderveus being the starter and it's evolution being the mascot, This has been kept for recurrance.

These were some screenshots that were on it aswell, showing the heroine, GG (the ghost girl, she had no name so the hero(ine) decides to call her GG), the pokemon center and mart tiles, the sprites inserted, Rock climb and the daycare center. The characters, daycare center, Rock climb and the Pokemart's tiles will be in recurrance and the Pokemon center will be remapped and have HGSS tiles instead of DPPt tiles.

The A4 Hardback had some intresting stuff in it aswell; Character Bios, Plot, Chapter names, Events, Music choices, Character Drafts (Nurse Barbra had brown hair and blue glasses.) A number of cut characters (Which I might bring back) and a few printed out maps, Namely this one:
This was the First few towns and routes, stuck together as a test, taking into account this was back in Jan 2010 and I was only starting on mapping.

This was also in the files, It was the Evanesce alpha version title screen, as the real one wasn't decided at that point. It was a quick 10 minute job with very little work actually done on it.

Well I guess that's it for now. I have nothing more to show at this stage so I shall say one more thing, If you're a Rom Hacker, Enter this lovely Lady's mapping contest (and read her thread aswell), the current theme is snow, and you get candy as a prize! Click here to go to the thread~.
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