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I dragged this on for so long but it's so funny.

Posted October 9th, 2013 at 7:28 AM by Team Fail

[9:22:38 AM] Team Fail: http://i.imgur.com/iES3Ya9.png
[9:22:40 AM] Team Fail: ahahahaha
[9:23:05 AM] Aljam: the summoning ritualt of x and y
[9:23:12 AM] Team Fail: pretty much
[9:23:18 AM] PEDRO12: GENERATION 3
[9:23:22 AM] Aljam: HOEN CONFIRMED
[9:23:30 AM] PEDRO12: ^
[9:23:32 AM] Team Fail: (and a little bit of emerald
[9:23:33 AM] Team Fail: )
[9:23:48 AM] PEDRO12: (and a little bit of emerald)
[9:23:53 AM | Edited 9:23:55 AM] Team Fail: DILLIGAF
[9:23:57 AM] PEDRO12: yes
[9:23:58 AM] Ari Bradshaw: they better bring back
[9:24:01 AM] Ari Bradshaw: the best ****ing battle fronteir
[9:24:04 AM] Team Fail: WELL I DON'T
[9:24:06 AM] Ari Bradshaw: The Gen IV one was crap
[9:24:09 AM] Ari Bradshaw: the Gen III one >>>>>>>>>>>
[9:24:15 AM] PEDRO12: admit it
[9:24:16 AM] PEDRO12: yes you do
[9:24:22 AM] Team Fail: gen 3 battle frontier was ****ing awesome
[9:24:27 AM] PEDRO12: jordan
[9:24:27 AM] Team Fail: especially the pyramid
[9:24:30 AM] Team Fail: no
[9:24:31 AM] PEDRO12: that bucket
[9:24:36 AM] PEDRO12: how many ****s
[9:24:37 AM] PEDRO12: are in it
[9:24:42 AM] Team Fail: none for either of us
[9:24:49 AM] PEDRO12: so you gave them all
[9:24:50 AM] PEDRO12: good to know
[9:25:00 AM] Team Fail: no, there were none to start with
[9:25:04 AM] Team Fail: i have a sign out front
[9:25:10 AM] Team Fail: asking for ****s to give
[9:25:23 AM] PEDRO12: lol ur a sad canadian and its funny
[9:25:44 AM] PEDRO12: now get back on rho you ****
[9:25:46 AM] PEDRO12: theres **** to do
[9:25:55 AM] Team Fail: i have class in like
[9:25:57 AM] Team Fail: 10 minutes
[9:26:02 AM] PEDRO12: dilligaf
[9:26:05 AM] Team Fail: no
[9:26:07 AM] Team Fail: but i do
[9:26:12 AM] Team Fail: even though i have none to give
[9:26:12 AM] PEDRO12: well
[9:26:15 AM] PEDRO12: no one cares
[9:26:17 AM] PEDRO12: if you gaf
[9:26:25 AM] PEDRO12: tbh
[9:26:33 AM] PEDRO12: like
[9:26:37 AM] Team Fail: OH WAIT
[9:26:42 AM] Team Fail: THERE'S A FLYING ONE
[9:26:43 AM] Team Fail: I MUST GET IT
[9:26:45 AM] PEDRO12: i have class in 22 hours, you don't see me leaving PHO
[9:26:57 AM] Team Fail: brb getting flying ****
[9:27:03 AM] PEDRO12: k hurry
[9:27:06 AM] Kristian Thomson: lol
[9:27:11 AM] PEDRO12: did you catch it?
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  1. Old Comment
    Ari Niko's Avatar
    Welp. I just want my Gen III okay :'(
    Posted October 9th, 2013 at 7:32 AM by Ari Niko Ari Niko is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Echidna's Avatar
    Posted October 9th, 2013 at 7:34 AM by Echidna Echidna is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Spinosaurus's Avatar
    R/S/E is the perfect Pokemon game as it is. No need for a remake. (Unless you're implying about something else...)
    Posted October 9th, 2013 at 7:42 AM by Spinosaurus Spinosaurus is offline

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