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From daily life in the astral planes to tutorials and creativity showcase, this blog documents the thoughts, feelings, and everything Kurui x3. Comments appreciated!
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~Little Ones~ :: You Got Served

Posted August 9th, 2012 at 11:48 PM by Kurui

"There was a hole here. It's gone now."


Fact or Fiction?:

Why do I write what happens to me in my day in a story telling format? It just helps me organize my thoughts than spilling random facts. It also helps me improve my terrible writing skills which need a definite tune up. Also, it might make it a little more readable than something boring and straight forward.

I had someone ask me that so I thought I'd clear it up. I really want to get into writing and though I'm not really creative enough to make up elaborate stories I can at least learn to write well about events that have happened to me. And maybe I can apply that someday once I soak up some plot creating talent from one of my writer friends (I doubt that). But practicing is better than not, right?

So although I write this sometimes as if I'm creating a story, everything I write about is factual down to every little detail. I just choose to write it in this way sometimes (not all times, like you can tell some of my sections, like this one, avoid story telling style) for the pure enjoyment and attraction of it. That should probably clear up some confusions, maybe. Possibly. I hope.


Baby Mama Drama:

I spent most of the day in a near coma, as I do when I eat solid food. When I did feel good enough to grab my phone and check my facebook messages, I was slapped by quite a funny little surprise.

Mortimer, or yes, Toad, as many of his females in his obviously ever-growing fanbase (curse them all where they are~) call him, was the heated discussion between four of the girls, including his current girlfriend, in a small facebook group chat he had started earlier before being toted off to work by one of the present chat participants. Now I won't get into his activities because they are rather criminal to say the least, but he has sustained injuries and was NOT part of the conversation that was being kept by the four girls here.

White the subject lay recuperating from his wounds Gene (Renko, the writer for out game), Kitty-chan (one of his ex's and the one that I met him via), Cayce (his current model-esque looking girlfriend whom I have a burning jealousy of), and Mystic (on who I may have spelled her name wrong, but one of his co-workers) talked of him. The current topic of interest: The Toad had been summoned to court for a case dealing with child support. I thought that my recent episode of illness had disturbed my vision, but reading it over, I realized that yes, the ludicrous image of Toad being dragged around by someone for child support, was true.

What's more is that Cayce, his girlfriend, had believed her mutant boyfriend to be a virgin, and she wasn't entirely "barmy" with her conclusion. Turns out that Regina, a female I had a previous displeasure of meeting, and some kind of medical scientist interested in experimenting on poor Mort's kind for some reason or another, had been impregnated by the Toad during her plan to conceive mutant children for some mysterious agenda known only to her. Whatever that motive may be, it never went toward the public, and her vindictive nature for the Toad (for having her locked up for harassment of some sort earlier) lead her to pursue him for the case, knowing fully well that he was dirt poor (at least at the time he knew her, as he was living on the streets).

Not even Toad knew about the seed he had sewn, poor man. To be served with that news after being injured in a scuffle (or something larger, it turned out to be, and he ended up with deep nasty wounds that near incapacitated him). However, even though I never put my proverbial two cents into the conversation, I found out that Toad was able to be brought by legal standards to responsibility for the children he fathered from the rape, despite being an obvious rape victim. Mystic and Kitty-chan debated on the topic before Cayce confirmed (although seemingly unconcerned that her boyfriend had two children now, maybe her love is really unconditional even with all strings attached, and I don't blame her, I'm nutty for the man myself).

Later, after gathering the strength to join in, Toad professed his intention of getting his fair share of parental rights of his little tadpoles. And though he has a past glaring with abandonment, being an orphan himself, I hope he does and that he does not follow in his parents' footprints. I think he has amazing daddy potential even considering. His clingy and somewhat obsessively protective nature of what is "his" (a result of the abuse he has endured, I'm sure) might just be the sweet sugar on top in his loving fatherly role.

As for that Regina. It's pretty obvious what the Toad Fanbase thinks of her, and I can't say that my feelings stray far from that.

And as jealous as I am of Cayce, I applaud her open minded approach to the bit of surprise. Her feelings and attachments to Toad are not surprisingly genuine and deep-rooted.

I don't know many of the details surrounding the case here. I just thought it was amusing, cute, dramatic, slice of life, and another notch in the wall of reasons that I am undeniably in love with this man and everything he stands for.
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  1. Old Comment
    Kura's Avatar
    I think it's more obsession than anything. You do realize that it's a person posing as a fictional character on facebook right?

    How can you say you love someone when they aren't even showing you who they actually are? Or are you actually that gullible?

    Girl, you have enough problems in your life right now, you don't need this BS drama.
    Posted August 14th, 2012 at 10:17 AM by Kura Kura is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Kura's Avatar
    Before you say anything about it not being drama:

    Seriously. Scroll down to where it says "X-Men" the film made in 2000. IMDB is a legit source.

    See his photo as toad at the bottom?

    That guy on facebook is playing you. Wake up and stop being in denial.
    Posted August 14th, 2012 at 12:17 PM by Kura Kura is offline