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Pokemon Black Wedlocke Challenge Entry 2

Posted May 16th, 2014 at 8:44 PM by Berzerk!
Updated May 18th, 2014 at 9:26 AM by Berzerk!

Entry 2
So were back in Striaton City and our first Gym battle coming up but some guy is blocking our way! He says that the Gym Leader is in the Pokemon Trainers school... God more walking, so off we go to the other side of town to the Trainer's School.

Berzerk enters the Trainer's School and... the Leader isn't here... damn it, but we see Cheren! Like any good friend the first thing he says is hello, explains why he is in the school and then proceeds to challenge us to a battle.... indoors... God didn't he learn last time with Bianca and myself last time? Not to mention the fact of innocent bystanders!

Cheren sends out his Tepig to fight Sir Xavier! Quickly, Berzerk swaps out into Kristie.

Tepig proceeds to attack with ember... and burned, on the first ember... What has Cheren given this Tepig... Hot Sauce?!

So our damage is cut in half and we are being spammed by Tepig's Tail Whip, Kristie bites Tepig out of frustration and manages to deal a flinch, prevent Tepig from dealing any more damage to us for the turn.

Tepig heals himself with an Oran Berry, returning his health to near full... and Tail Whip's Kristie once more, I don't know how much more she can take..

Kristie takes inspiration from Tepig and finds an Oran Berry on the ground and eats it. I really hope that Berry was fresh, it did the job however and Kristie gets a free heal.

Tepig still tail whips Kristie, at this point I lost count but I presume that I am now down to -6 defense...

Tepig takes charge and tackles himself against Kristie, leaving her on 2HP, the burn finishes her off and Kristie falls...

Sir Xavier strikes back with tackle. I don't know how angry he is, considering that he hardly knew her... don't worry boy, we'll find someone else... though it just means we only have one Pokemon to fight the gym with... god this is going to be hell...

Xavier uses Vine Whip, Purrloin uses Assist... damn it... dont use ember, dont use ember! oh good tackle..

Vine whip, another assist with... ember... damn it... oh thank god! only did 10 damage, not even that.

Berzerk wins the battle... but at the loss of Kristie... and only one Pokemon... for the gym... is going to be hell...

Berzerk recieved some Oran Berries... can these bring back Kristie... nope...

Kristie is deposited into the PC... RIP

Kristie's Eulogy

Uhh... she liked to dig holes? Seriously I got nothing to say about her, she barely did anything and it was too short of a life span to have Xavier and Kristie to bond. But she will be remembered.

Grinding Montage!

Xavier grew to lv14 - Did not learn growth.

Healing, route 2 grinding time!

after a long grind, Sir Xavier grows to level 16 and learns leaf tornado over wrap!

After a long grind, Berzerk thinks it is safe enough to challenge the gym now.

Cilan greets Berzerk at the entrance of the gym as we enter.

Berzerk enters the gym and open the curtains ahead, and oh boy... forced trainer battles! Horray...

Wiping the floor of the small fry trainers, Berzerk reaches the end, where it is found out that there is three leaders! Berzerk learning that you only fight one leader that is strong against the starter that was chosen, it is decided that the leader Berzerk has to challenge is Chili...

Berzerk seems genuinely concerned about how things will turn out now...

**Thanks to the assistance of the Trade Corner IRC at PC, I found out that there is an elemental monkey I can obtain for free in dream-yard.. So back to dream-yard!**

Berzerk talks to the random person in the dream-yard and received a Panpour! Wow such a kind trainer, giving us a free Panpour! However... it's male... so it looks like our Sir Xavier will be partner-less for now.

Berzerk struggles thinking of a nickname and names Panpour Neon, for his blue fur. We then proceed to return to the gym to fight Chili! Placing Neon in the first slot!

Leader Chili fight!

Neon VS Lillipup

Chili's Lillipup uses Work Up which increases it's attack and special attack, problems for our fresh level 10 Neon... Should have trained it up because in a few turns after two Work Up's, destroys our poor Neon... Berzerk is a terrible, cruel trainer, Xavier finishes off the Lillipup with leaf storm and a tackle.

Chili then sends out his Pansear... Afraid that this could be the end of it, Sir Xavier just tackles the hell out of the Pansear as he uses Work Up... the same combo that killed off Neon.

The Pansear, after using Work Up, proceeds to use Incinerate... thankfully it leaves our Sir Xavier at half his max HP..

Potion Time! We recover all our HP!

Xavier proceeds to tackle the hell out of Pansear, chipping away at its health. Xavier's health goes down to 6HP, clinging onto his life, Berzerk gives Xavier some Fresh Water, recovering his health to full! Xavier seems really pumped now!

Xavier takes one more Incinerate from Pansear, bringing his health down lower then proceeds to tackle Pansear once more! Xavier lives with 6HP left and takes out the Pansear, thus claiming victory!

Sir Xavier levels to 17, with Berzerk defeating the first gym leader! Chili was defeated!

Sir Xavier evolves! Sir Xavier is now a Servine! Sir Xavier looks even more royal than before!

Badge get! The trio badge is obtained along with TM83, Work Up. We then promptly leave the gym.

Berzerk leaves the gym and sets off to heal the team, Berzerk is greeted by Fennel! She's making Berzerk follow her to her house and upstairs to her room...

Entering her room, Berzerk looks around and sees a some strange machine, with Fennel explaining that she's a college friend of Juniper. Another person who will just like to talk and explain things? She explains what she does and explains that she researches trainers... Oh god Berzerk is a research subject!

She's giving Berzerk HM01, Cut! So What does she want Berzerk to do that she can't do herself? She wants Berzerk to go to the Dream-yard to collect dream mist, she says it is safe, so hopefully Berzerk can pull this off.

Berzerk then can finally leave the house and go to the Pokemon Center, where Berzerk buries Neon and puts it into the PC with Kristie. Uhh Neon was useless... enough said!

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