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Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #176 (Summer Makeover)

Posted 7 Minutes Ago at 1:31 PM by Yotes (Battle Gem Ponies (Weekly DevLogs!))

Notice a bit of a facelift? I worked on some of the Ultra Pony designs this week, just filling in those gaps in design I was drawing a blank on for the longest while. Now I can say I'm satisfied with how everypony looks and can clearly see them animated in my head.

Actually animating the sprites is a step...
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My 3DS won't turn on

Posted 23 Hours Ago at 1:41 PM by Palamon (Can't Get Inside My Soul)
Updated 23 Hours Ago at 1:43 PM by Palamon

Ugh, so a few days ago, my 3ds was no longer able to charge, since the charging port is p much pinned. So, I had to order a cradle. But now the power light doesn't come on at all. I'm actually scared to take a look at the motherboard...since I don't know what I'd have to look for. I'm also not sure how soldiering works & I can't buy a replacement 3ds right now.

I'm hoping the charging cradle works, but I'm really, really unsure it will. my 3ds is five years old...I've never water...
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Ranking my recent Quality Inn stays from first to worst.

Posted 1 Day Ago at 3:15 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ (Wouldn't YOU really rather have a Buick?)

In other words, I'm trying to give this blog the semblance of being active, even if I'm posting stuff that only I care about lol.

1. Quality Suites, Pineville, NC - Spacious suites, new renovations, above average breakfast, recently announced Gold Award winner. I've stayed there close to 15 times, and will continue to be a loyal guest. 5/5.

2. Quality Inn & Suites, Mt. Pleasant, SC - My preferred hotel for my annual trips to Charleston. Getting a bit long in the...
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Shine Diamond episode 28--The Afterpost

Posted 4 Days Ago at 12:09 PM by EmeraldSky
Updated 3 Days Ago at 2:27 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang finds the Amber Castle and battles Team Galactic for the Miele Dorato!

This episode was easy to rewrite--just swap evil teams, and tighten up the episode by making a few small cuts here and there. Tintri does bring up the RPG cliche of the waterfall cave, as he is a bit of a gamer-mon like his master. Ash also brings up Demon (level 7) from the original Legend of Zelda, as he imagines the cave to be just as confusing as that dungeon.

I had the Combee...
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Team Quest

Posted 6 Days Ago at 6:25 PM by Aduitt
Updated 6 Days Ago at 6:27 PM by Aduitt

Blog Entry #2
This week, I have been testing out Infernape.

Cercope (Infernape) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Overheat
- Endeavor
- Vacuum Wave
- Stealth Rock

The set above has been based heavily on early FEAR sets.
After testing, I decided that it could do more as a suicidal lead, rather than a sweeper.
Infernape takes advantage...
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