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Shine Diamond episode 47a--The Afterpost

Posted August 29th, 2018 at 5:18 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the group races to figure out the mystery of the Solaceon Ruins, with Dawn befriending a a Ralts along the way.

This episode was heavily rewritten to account for the team reshuffling--Ash's battle and the move Diddy learns is rewritten to account for the starter shuffle. I did check and make sure Barry's tips were accurate for all the moves.

Ambipom is replaced with a Ralts, who Dawn befriends in the ruins. This Ralts will be Dawn's Mega Evolve-able Pokemon--the ring she found is someone's Mega Ring that was given up, and so she inherits the Heart Song bound to that ring. Who the Mega Ring originally belonged to will be revealed in the Houen remix.

I sped up and trimmed some of the Unown and Galactic scenes for the sake of time. I had a very specific place I wanted the confused Unowns to attack Dawn, so I used her befriending the Ralts as a spot for the audience to breathe.

Next time, the group grapples with Galactic and the confused Unown, and Dawn gains a fourth team member!
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