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Shine Diamond episode 55--The Afterpost

Posted 2 Weeks Ago at 5:31 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang teams up with Pokemon Rangers Lunick and Solana to rescue a special Riolu from J!

The biggest change for this episode is replacing Kellyn with Lunick. Since Solana made an appearance in the show, I felt it was only fair we see the boy Ranger from the first game as well (This is how he knows Ash's full name--Solana told him that).

I couldn't resist making a reference to Gen 8 in Brock's explanation of the song he was performing as entertainment on the road.

The Riolu's name, Amira, can mean "princess", so I felt this was appropriate given her backstory. Lunick does explain how Ash can cast magic and use the Swanna Song thanks to his own Aura.

I wanted to save most of the battling for the end and part 2, so most of this episode is the group just trying to evade J and her minions. I did have Ash use the Swanna Song in a desperate attempt to get away, and set up for next time.

Next time, the group confronts J and the one who hired her for the Riolu's fate!
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