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iOS 7, Pokemon X & Y, and other shenanigans

Posted October 10th, 2013 at 6:12 PM by JalordaSerpent

iOS 7, Pokemon X & Y, and other shenanigans
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Hello everyone, I'm back. Once again.

So. First, talk of my life. I'm now in high-school. Yes, that may be young for most of you, but still. It is a very exhilarating experience. Besides all the fishy jokes that get passed on (seriously guys?), everything is absolutely wonderful. I finally have the freedom to dress as I please without really be judged, which never really happened to be before to be honest, I can eat whenever I want, thank the heavens for this, and most importantly, I'm actually enjoying school. Besides the main core classes anyway. Those are as boring as a lecture from a college professor. (No offence for you college professors out there.)

Along this road, something I've been anticipating for awhile came along. iOS 7. For me, this update was really more of a way of Apple showing how much they pay attention to the consumer community than anything else. Me being in the jailbreak community for 2-ish years now allows me to see that Apple really does pay attention. Things like the "parallax" effect look like they come from DeepEnd, a jailbreak tweak that does the same thing for iOS 6 and earlier, but has been around for a lot longer. Another would be the Control Center. Instead of the traditional NCSettings replacement, Apple decided to make it into a whole new area on the SpringBoard, which I actually do not favor. I like my toggles in the Notification Center, thank you very much. But overall, Apple seems to have outdone themselves this area. But, there is one fault. The icons. Seriously Apple. I've been following iOS 7 development ever since the first beta, and I have to say, the icons look absolutely atrocious. To me, Apple looks like they just went into Photoshop and threw boxes together in a random order and said, "This looks good." They made a whole new icon template that pretty much all their new icons follow, but that template doesn't exactly make the icons look that very professional in my opinion. Let's take the contacts icon for example. It looks like they took the Google empty profile picture, recoloured it, and added a drop shadow to the left with some other quickly-put together shapes and colours.

Besides the icons, I really enjoy iOS 7. Or shall I say, I will enjoy it. I'm not upgrading until a jailbreak comes out for it fully operational with Cydia and MobileSubstrate. :p

Spoilers ahead, sortof! Beware!

Now here comes the big one. In 2 days, or rather almost 1 day at the time of this blog post, Pokemon X & Y will be released. Game Freak is finally getting into 3D development with the 3DS, and so far, it looks great. I have not gotten a 3DS yet to be honest, partly because of no money, and also because I've been into other things, such as Java / Python development, which means almost no time for Pokemon. Insert sad face here. But anyway, lets have my own opinions of what I've seen for the new Pokemon games so far. First of all of course, is the 3D. I really love the 3D with BW / B2W2, and XY seems to take this to a whole new level. ..A level in a direction I wasn't looking at. The graphics look great, but to be honest, I've always loved the sprite versions of the Pokemon and trainers. To me, it always made Pokemon what it is today, excluding all the other changes Game Freak and Nintendo have added. Now, they are replaced with full on 3D models of the Pokemon, which look great of course with the 3DS and all, but as I said above, to me, it just seems to take away from what Pokemon really is.

I do plan on getting a limited edition XY red 3DS with Pokemon Y soon, so I will be able to experience all the changes firsthand. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the direction the games are going, just I'm a bit skeptical of the 3D portion. But alas, I may be wrong. I've only experienced the 3D from a 3DS once, and it hurt my eyes pretty badly to say the least, so I know absolutely nothing about the 3DS and it's capabilities and of course, the games' aswell.

I think that will be all for this blog post. I'm done ranting and I'm tired. I'm going to go eat ramen now. Everyone, stay classy.

Oh. Approaching Nirvana and their new Not Even Once album is absolutely fantastic. You guys should so totes check them out. Ok, thanks. Bye now. :)

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