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Making a ROM Hack.

Posted January 8th, 2019 at 4:52 AM by Ace Trainer Slash
Updated January 18th, 2019 at 3:02 AM by Ace Trainer Slash

Oh my goodness, what an experience, the idea is incredible, you can create your own adventure, and incorporate YOUR own ideas, into a fantastic game series, such as Pokemon.

Myself, for almost 6 months, have been doing ROM Hacking, I've learnt the utmost basics, the scripts that just have an NPC say 'hi', repointing values, extremely basic hex editing, I mean, changing the shiny odds, (at least I think I did) doing mapping (which is also btw, one of my favourite things about ROM Hacking), spriting, at least shinies for now, I just need practise, and a lot of it to create credible, or satisfactory sprites, I've also learnt how to change music in the games, to a small extent of course, and by far, one of my favourite things, making teams for trainers, and building a story.

I don't think I'm that bad at, let's just say, mapping, creating teams, updating Pokemon stat mechanics to my liking, or a story, in fact, below is a map of Pallet Town I made recently, but everything else, I have so many flaws in, I can make a simple script sure, but, I'll struggle with a Yes/No script, I'll just get by with adding the National Dex into Prof. Oak's script in Fire Red (which adds the issue of now the second rival battle not commencing for some reason...), I could NEVER achieve something like creating a giveitem/Pokemon script without a guide, nor would I be able to create scripts that include NPC movement, even with a guide. I'm not very good with using tools like Sappy, one time I tried it, and it crashed the intro of Fire Red. :D

The thing is however, my hacking knowledge is so very limited on the topic, that it halts my progress to create something, that people would awe at, simply because I can't script, there are some amazing hacks that use the vanilla music track of the respective game, and they're still good, but, because I'm so horrible at scripting, most of my backups are FROM creating scripts that I anticipate would accidently break my hack. I'm determined to learn, and create something special, I even made a Pokemon ROM Hack for a school assignment, and people thought it was cool (despite it uses only basic Fire Red mapping details, basic scripts, and a few 'clever' tricks to indicate that the assessment uses a Pokemon engine, but isn't a Pokemon game, like using a blank sprite sheet for the introduction Pokemon, so Prof. Oak would seemingly send out 'nothing'.) but overall, even BECAUSE of scripting limitations, it fell apart, I remember on the day before the assignment was due, I was STRUGGLING to actually get a script to work, since I realised I couldn't fit as much information as to my liking, and I spent until 2 AM to actually get only TWO NPC giveitem scripts to work.

But either way, I find it a great past time, and hopefully, to where I decide to debut my hack, I can persuade at least someone to give Pokemon a try again, especially with contemporary references to memes, or Pop Culture, or even modern competitive Pokemon with what Pokemon learns what move. When I do eventually learn all there is to about scripting, I'll be ecstatic to create a hack, which is in a planning stage currently, out here, so I can reflect on how much I've improved, I know I have, (my old maps were horrible.) since I can make more balanced teams, more immersive plot, and of course, a somewhat more enjoyable time. Even as a 'rookie ROM Hacker', I'm ready to instigate further the deep mechanics to this hobby, to hopefully get a great result, and, you can say, my interest for this topic kinda started here. So, Thankyou all, I guess. :)
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    [QUOTE=annashetty;bt107226]It contains wonderful and helpful posts. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks! :)
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    wow, I love it!
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