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Shine Diamond episode 85b--The Afterpost

Posted December 7th, 2019 at 9:35 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, Dawn rallies from a rough start in the Appeal competition to power past Ursula and win her fourth ribbon!

The Little Mermaid references continue in this episode--Ursula's surname is a reference to her namesake's VA, her ID number is a reference to "The Little Mermaid's" original release in theaters, and Dawn's ID number is a reference to the movie's 30th anniversary Blu-Ray release

I originally wanted Dawn to wear Sapphire Glow, the coord she picked up in a previous episode; but is soon as I found the coord I wanted Ursula to wear, I felt it made sense if Dawn wore a "fire" coord to counter Ursula's "ice".

If you're curious, Ursula's coord looks like this
Dawn's coord looks like this

I was happy to be able to build an Appeal competition out of the original battle. There are a few minor tweaks--mainly for Dawn to set up the deciding combo. Showing her thought process shows how much she's changed since beginning her journey--now she is confident, and knows how to strategize in the Appeal competition.

Next time, Ash and Estrella take flight in a Poke Ringer competition!
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