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5th Gen RNG Breeding Guide :D

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5th Gen RNG Breeding Guide :D

Posted June 9th, 2011 at 9:16 PM by Gulpin

I'll post it here while Forever works on putting it in the BW FAQ. This is for those who wish to RNG but don't understand Smogon and don't wish to decipher it xD.

What you will need:
- DS Original or DS Lite
- A Pokemon that knows Sweet Scent
- A Chatot that has a custom Chatter

What you are encouraged to have but do not need:
- Additional Chatots with custom Chatters
- A Pokemon with Flame Body
- An Action Replay

Encouraged Team for RNG Abuse of Eggs:
1 Pokemon with Flame Body, 1 Pokemon that knows Sweet Scent, and 2 Chatots with custom Chatters.
This allows room to leave a Ditto in the Daycare and to be able to carry the parent and the hatched baby when you are done so you don’t have to constantly visit the PC.

Downloading the RNG Reporter
Before you can begin your quest for breeding perfect, shiny, or perfect shiny Pokémon, you need to download the most recent version of the RNG Reporter. The RNG Reporter is a program that will search for shiny eggs, find Pokemon with 31’s for every IV and will find shiny eggs with good IV spreads. You need to go here and scroll down to prerequisites. If you have a Mac, download the PPRNG, but if you have anything else download the RNG Reporter. Note: At the time of writing, the current version of the RNG Reporter is 9.81, and this guide is written for use with the RNG Reporter. I am not familiar with PPRNG, but I assume it is similar to the RNG Reporter.

Finding your Parameters
Before you can use the RNG Reporter to abuse the pseudo-random number generator in the 5th generation games, you have to find your parameters. These are unique to each DS and are needed before the RNG Reporter will let you use any of the 5th generation features. On the main area of the RNG Reporter, click on ‘DS Parameters Search’. There are three areas of the box that comes up: the box on the top left, the box titled ‘Seed Encryption Variables’, and the results. Let’s start with the Seed Encryption Variables.

On the Version drop down box click on whatever version you are using. For DS Type, click on the only working option which is DS Original/Lite, which is the type of DS you should be using. For all of the Help Button drop down lists, mark none. The information on the left side of the Seed Encryption Variables area will fill itself in. The only thing left is to fill in your DS MAC Address. To find it, turn on your game and on the continue screen scroll down to Nintendo WFC Settings and click. On the screen that appears, click on Option then System Information, where your DS MAC Address will be listed. Write it down and fill in the appropriate box.

Now let’s fill in the box on the left. In your game, get your Sweet Scentor and go to the last cave of Victory Road (the one before the cave that Cheren is in). Save and turn off your DS. Turn your DS back on and go to the settings. In the RNG Reporter, put in the date that is on your DS along with the current hour and minute. Then go to the setting that changes the hour and minute and click A (this will start the minute over). Turn the DS off again and take note of the second that you press A to start the game. Fill the seconds space in the RNG Reporter with this second. When you start the game, be sure not to press or hold any buttons during the blank white screen, the white screen that says Nintendo or during the black screen that states the copyright info. You can start pressing A after that to get to the continue screen. Start the game and don’t turn the C-Gear on. Use Sweet Scent and capture the first Pokemon that appears. You will have to determine the IV’s of this Pokemon. If you have an AR save and use the AR to find out what its IV’s are. If you don’t have an AR you will have to level it up and use an IV calculator. Either way, once you determine its IV’s input them into the IV section in the Reporter. If you had to use an IV calculator and couldn’t determine an exact IV just use the Min/Max feature. That is everything that you have to fill in to find your parameters, so click search. Write down all of the information that comes up (Actual Seconds, VCount, Timer0, GxStat, and VFrame; you don’t have to write down the seed). Take a look at actual seconds. It is probably going to be off. For example, if you hit A at 30 seconds it will probably ready 31 under actual seconds. So there is a one second delay from when you press A to when the game actually starts. Keep the difference in seconds (in the example used, one) on your mind or write it down. The other major thing of this set of information is the Timer0. For DS’s the Timer0 usually fluctuates between two different numbers, one usually more common than the other. This is important because sometimes something may be not as predicted and Timer0 will be the cause if the less common one happened when abusing the RNG. For this reason you need to do the whole parameters process up to three times to find what your most common Timer0 number is. So, repeat the process and figure out which Timer0 is the most common for your DS, and when it comes up in the results after finding your parameters a couple of times click ‘Use Results in Time Finder’.

Finding Your Secret ID (SID)
Your SID is the only thing left that you need to find that is required to abuse the RNG to breed shiny Pokemon. If you have an AR, simply use the reveal SID code to find what your SID is and write it down. If you don’t have an AR the process is easy as well. Go here and create an account. Follow the instruction on the page to change your DNS setting, then enter your game and try to send a Pokemon that you caught to the GTS (you will get an error message). Click on ‘See unclaimed Pokemon from my IP’, and associate the Pokemon that you tried to send to the GTS with your account. Click on ‘Manage my Pokemon’, and under the box that says Original Trainer, you will find your SID. Write this down.

Breeding Shiny Pokemon
Now that you have found your parameters and you SID, you can finally start breeding shiny Pokemon. Click on the Time Finder in the main area of the RNG Reporter, and then click on the tab that says 4th\5th Gen Shiny Egg. For the Breeding Type drop down list, select BW (or BW (International) if you are using parents of different languages). Put in the current year and month that your DS is set to, and for the Min/Max Frame set the minimum to 70 and the maximum to 200. Now put the nature that you want the baby to have and the ability number for the baby (to find which ability is which number go to the main are of the RNG Reporter and click Pokedex-IV Checker in the top left. Select the Pokemon that you are breeding and it will display which ability is Ability 0 and which is Ability 1). Now put the gender ratio of the baby that you are breeding and select ‘Dream World Ability Only’ if you want the egg to have their dream world ability (the parent must have the ability just like normal), and select ‘Ditto Parent’ if one of the parents is a Ditto. If you are using an Everstone to pass down the nature select the nature of the parent holding the Everstone. Now you have everything filled in except for the ID and SID. Fill in both then click generate. The RNG Reporter will start generating seeds that are shiny and meet all of the conditions that you have set. You can wait for it to finish or you can cancel it early if you don’t want to sort through a bunch of different sets. Sort through the sets looking at any IV’s that you may like for the Pokemon to have and looking at the gender of the Pokemon until you find one that you want to breed. Write down the frame that it states, the nature, ability, IV’s, gender, and date/time for that seed. Also write down anything under the keypress column if anything other than none is there.

Hitting Your Seed and Getting to the Shiny Egg Frame
Now that you have found a shiny egg that you want to breed, right click on the seed in the Shiny Egg finder and click Copy Seed to Clipboard. Go to the main area of the RNG Reporter. In the method drop down list select Breeding (BW) or Breeding (BW, International), depending on if the parents are of the same or different language. Fill in the Everstone nature if there is one, and where is says ‘Seed (Hex)’ right click and click paste to paste the seed that you found and copied in the Shiny Egg finder. Put in your ID and SID, and select Ditto Parent if one of the parents is a Ditto. Leave everything else as it is and click ‘Calculate Initial PIDRNG Frame’. Now hit Generate. This will list all of the different Pokemon that you can find on the seed that you found the shiny egg on and on what frame you will find it. You need to know this so that you can figure out your starting frame, which varies because of all of the NPC’s on Route 3 where the Daycare is located.

Now you can put the parents in the Daycare and run/bicycle around until the Old Man tells you that they found an egg. Don’t collect the egg, but walk up and stand right in front of him so that when you press A you will talk to him. Save here without collecting the egg and turn off your DS. Now you have to hit the correct seed. Remember when you found your parameters and the Actual Seconds was different than the time that you pressed A to load the game? This is where that comes in handy. In the example I used earlier, you hit A at 30 seconds but the actual seconds was 31. So to hit the seed you have to press A one second before the time that you wrote down that you found for your shiny egg in the shiny egg finder. So if the time to hit the seed that your shiny egg is on is 6/27/11 at 20:34:50 you have to press A to load the game at 20:34:49. Remember that if your actual seconds was the same you will load the game at the seconds listed (for the example: 20:34:50), and that if the actual seconds is two seconds off you will have to hit A two seconds before (20:34:48). Now that you understand that you should be able to hit the seed correctly. Go into the DS’s setting and change the DS’s date to the date of the seed. Then change the time to the hour and minute of the seed. Turn off the DS and turn it back on and wait to load the game until one second before the seconds for the seed (or whatever the difference was when finding the parameters). Be sure not to press any buttons on the white screens or the first black screen unless there was something other than none for your shiny egg. If it says Y under keypress for the egg that you found, press and hold Y during the white screen and the first black screen. Once you get to the continue screen press continue and don’t turn on the C-Gear. When the season comes up, spam the X button quickly so that the Menu will open up as soon as possible. Now take a breath then press B and spam A so that you can collect the egg as quickly as possible. Once you get the egg, bicycle around until it hatches and take a look at its gender, nature, and ability. If you hit your seed you should see a spread that matches the Pokemon you hatched around the first six or so results in the main area of the RNG Reporter. Take note of the frame that the matching spread is on. This is called the starting frame. Now you have to take the frame that you found in the shiny egg finder and subtract the starting frame. This will give you the number of frame advancements needed to land on the correct frame to obtain the shiny egg.

So how do you advance the frame? That is where your Chatot with the custom chatter comes in. Every time you hear Chatot’s custom cry that can be heard when you view its status screen the frame is advanced by one. So if you have to advance the frame 50 times, you have to view Chatot’s status screen 50 times. Turn off your DS and follow the steps to hit your seed again. Press continue on the continue screen, don’t turn the C-Gear on, then spam X again to open up the menu as soon as possible. This time, however, you click on Pokemon then click on Chatot. Go up and down and listen to Chatot’s cry the number of times you need to advance the frame. For this reason, I use two Chatots so that I can quickly advance the frame so it doesn’t take as long. I suggest keeping a tally of how many times you view Chatot’s summary screen so that you don’t lose count. Once you hit the required amount of times of hear Chatot’s cry to advance the frame click B twice and take a little break. Now hit B one more time and spam A to pick up the shiny egg. Bicycle around to hatch it and it should be shiny! If it isn’t, find your starting frame again and this time when you hit your seed the second time chatter once and pick up the egg to find a pattern to make sure that you are hitting the right seed.

Breeding Shiny Pokemon with Desirable IV’s
So now that you have figured out how to use the shiny egg finder to hatch shiny Pokemon, why not take it up a step to breed shiny Pokemon with good IV’s that will be competitively useful? Fill in everything in the shiny egg finder like you did before, but this time figure out the IV’s of the parents and fill those in as well. If you are using a Ditto, it will be considered the opposite gender of the other parent. To get shiny Pokemon with good IV’s, you should find a Ditto that has good IV’s, because the egg will inherit up to three IV’s from the parent. Now on the far right, select the IV’s that you want to be maxed out. Select up to three for the best results and there may be other flawless IV’s on some of the seeds that you find. If you don’t find any spreads that you like you can either change the month on the DS and in the reporter to see if there is anything better or change the maximum frame to a higher number. Once you find a suitable spread do the same thing you did previously to hatch shiny Pokemon to hatch your shiny, IV bred Pokemon!
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    Omg this is really helpful! :D
    I'll definitely use this, since I'm trying to get good IVs.
    I'm not reading it all now, mostly because I'm tired, but I can tell it's pretty good. :3
    Posted June 9th, 2011 at 9:20 PM by solarowl solarowl is offline
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    ya kaori's gunna post it as soon as she wakes up lol
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    hey i was going along with this guide but it never found a seed in the time finder:( am i doing something wrong???
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    i can't find how to find ym secret id?
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