Pokémon Battle Cup Week 0

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Dear Readers,

My name is Jeffrey a.k.a. Screen or Jeffvirus and I am your coach of the Elysian Empoleon.

An idea was born
For a while my friend, Ancient Archen, wanted to do a draft league tournament for pokémon. We first thought to try it out with friend of ours on small base but this let to nothing. So in a spur of the moment we decided to try and recruit competitors through different means like Pokecommunity. So we invited some people who said either yes or no,...
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Got the job, so that's nice.

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Yeah, just wanted to put this up somewhere so I'm not spamming the DCC or anything. Last week I applied for a job. The day after, they offered me an interview. This morning I went to said interview, and after lunch they rang to offer me the job. So yeah, that's nice.

*internally screaming*
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"I also happen to be a model."
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Moonlight Silver episode 116a--The Afterpost

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This week, Ash is surprised to find that Macy, his first opponent, has feelings for him!

The big change for this episode was, of course, taking Team Rocket out (as per the competition rule) The other big changes were limiting Ash to the team he has used through the story (plus Brenna and Blaze), and making room for Misty's debut in the Grand Pokethlon, now that Misty and Brock have a reason to actively take part in the League rather than just be Ash's cheerleaders.

I chose...
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Make the Colors in the Sky!
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Let's Play Sailor Moon: Another Story! Chapter 5

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I adore that the sub-chapters with the different Sailor Senshi are small enough to not require multiple parts.

Also oh snap I just realized this is the first LP chapter I've put up in 2018.

Chapter #5 - Passionate Heart


"The stone I have to return to Mamoru-san is around here somewhere."
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Impossible to gauge!
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Moonlight Silver episode 115--The Afterpost

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This week, the League gets underway, Ash and Gary reaffirm their rivalry, and some punks crash the torch relay.

The biggest change was cutting Team Rocket--as Tintri said, he blasted them far away, so there's no way they would be here. In addition, the League is more than just Pokemon battles--there's the Pokethlon, the Lore Stage, and in the future, contests.

Another change was cutting Mr. Goodshow and replacing him with Lance--as League Champion, he is the one all the...
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Make the Colors in the Sky!
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