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Black 2: The Journey Begins

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Black 2: The Journey Begins

Posted November 13th, 2012 at 9:46 PM by kelario27

Heya all. I finally decided I'm gonna post a blog, just 'cuz I can. And cuz I'm bored. So, I think I'll blog my advancements on Black Version 2.

So far, to make a long story short, I've just beaten the Hiker on Route 20. That means I've given Hugh (or as I named him, Wessler, who was a long-time Minecraft rival of mine) his map, KO'd the Team Plasma guy, beaten Cheren, and thanks to dragonnathan025, gotten five of my Pokemon cranked up to level 14. My team at this moment is:

Purrloin (M) Lv14
Tepig (M) Lv14
Azurill (F) Lv14
Event Genesect Lv15
Riolu (M) Lv14
Patrat (M) Lv14

And...I'll let you all know when I beat Roxie. Thank you all for reading, and as mentioned earlier in the post, thank you dragonnation025 for training me twenty levels. Please comment, one and all.
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