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~Love~ :: Makes the World Go Round

Posted August 17th, 2012 at 4:34 AM by Kurui

"Love love love la la love makes the world go round."

Song I'm singing for all of PC and anywhere else I post my blogs!



Always so much hating going on! But I have enough love to give everybody! *spreads around* Life is too short to go around with long faces and all that. So jazz it up with happy rainbow colours and sparkly goodness. Today might be all you have so love and be loved!



"You seem your normal cheerful self today."

"I'm always. Just more than usual today!"

It had been a week or so since I last talked to Kabu at this point (at the time of this incident). He pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose and squinted, "Why is that?"

My face scrunched as I tried to find a reason. Did anyone ever need a reason to be over the top happy? As if reading my mind, he nodded in agreement to my invisible reply.

"How is my Timi and Kage?" I asked.

"Screaming about how they want Flower." he answered with an audible sigh. "I had a headache earlier, but treated it with some TLC and it left. I think it's coming back, though."

"Oh nuu." I wrote a note in my brain that I would check on the twins before the day was over.

"How is that new guy?"


"The new guy you met. Toynbee?"

"Toad." I corrected, knowing that good old Mort preferred his nickname now. As if on command, he logged into Skype. Kabu noticed my expression change.

He leaned forward and clasped his hands together, as if studying me. "You're in love." he stated, observantly, as if musing over an interesting fact.

I twitched where I sat and felt my face grow heated at once. "Am not." I coughed and moved on, not wanting to linger on the subject, "Can I add him here?"

Kabu relaxed again, his hands lax and his expression as soft as melted butter. "Sure. I have no qualms with that."

"Oi, who'sa'? 'Ey foureyes, wot y'gogglin' a'?" Came the thick accent as he connected to the Skype group video call (Kabu's such a doll, pays for premium just for that <3 ).

Kabu's expression never changed, but he just blinked.

"Nah m'jus' takin' th'piss ou'cha."

I put my hand over my mouth to stifle laughter. Kabu hadn't moved, his eyes fixed.

"Wot's this guy a sta'ue or somefin'? I don' ge' i', I don'. S'like a ****** dummy."

Suddenly Kabu came alive and spoke, at me. "Does he come with a translator. I can't understand a single word."

"Y'can't understan' bleedin' English y'muppe'?"

"Well Kabu's technically from Japan. But he can understand.........Um normal English."

Toad glared at me. I couldn't help but smile wider, on the verge of giggles. "Nah. Wot are y'****** martians?"

"Judging from the pigmentation of your skin, you look like the only martian here." Kabu pointed out.

"Bless. Y'eard tha'? Someone righ' smar'ened up, they di'. S'a miracle, praise Mother ****** Mary. Go' yor ears all cleaned ou' now, foureyes or d'y'still need some soddin' divine in'ervention?"

And as I sat and listened to the two boys get along and felt their obviously radiating like for one another, my insides warmed. The overwhelming love for either one of them overtook my attention then and I just basked in the chill moment. Today was going to be a good day.


<3 <3 <3
<3 <3 <3
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