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Posted April 5th, 2009 at 10:46 AM by Crystal Clair

Get ready!

God I'm so overwhelmed! I have TOO MUCH GOING ON

1. I've been looking for a place that makes onigiri on Staten Island where I live. I finally gave up and went to Manhattan which is a place I go every two months and BAM, a freggin shop DEDICATED to onigiri not even a block from the place I go to which is right next to Grand Central Station.

2. I found a new super convenient trick on coloring in Paint Tool Sai that will make producing artwork so much easier that I may be able to reach new grounds.

3. I found a bunch of new Zelda songs to listen to.

4. In my Sims Castaway Wii, so much is happening. I just unlocked dye and am finishing up my house but a storm came and ripped apart the whole thing. That and my sims are idiots who love letting stuff catch on fire.

5. Did I mention I have yet to complete both Phantom Hourglass and and Platinum which I haven't even made it to the fourth gym yet

6. I'm REALLY hungry but what else is new

7. I posted May artwork on the Bulbagarden May thread and since that site has really bad downtimes lately, I haven't gotten to see any comments on it.

8. I'm trying to find hd torrents/downloads of the newest Pokemon episode with Jun and Kengo

9. I'm freggin tired

10. Pokesho Soara just drew two pictures; one with Clair AND LIZA whom I never thought he would draw without a request from me or one of my weird friends. He also drew a bunch of Pokemon girls nude including Flannery which I can't wait to show to my Flannery-loving friend.

Typing so much and so fast that my hands feel like they're bouncing on top of the keyboard. Freaky feeling.

Oh yeah, not to mention my pc chooses now to go a bit sluggish and I have a gazillion tabs open on Firefox that aren't needed.
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    I haven't seen the HD Cap yet. I'll take a look for you.
    Posted April 5th, 2009 at 1:35 PM by bgt bgt is offline

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