er my title is quite long and based off a song im listening to while making this! hi there! i'm sumire/hoshiko/skylar c: whichever one works for ya. this is a blog that i am gonna make that has a variety of posts and whatnot. so uh..strap in and enjoy the wild ride that is my blog :3
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run with the hunted

Posted December 10th, 2016 at 2:16 PM by phantomnestor
Updated December 10th, 2016 at 2:23 PM by phantomnestor

hello uh. it's hoshiko here! or my current username or my nicknames, whatever works for you.
this is my first blog entry. i'll make this blog entry simple and just about information about me or i'll try to make it simple
i'm 19, nonbinary and whatnot. i'm otherkin/fictionkin. i have many obsessions, or i have had many in the past. some of those include:
-emo bands (falling in reverse, black veil brides, twenty one pilots, bring me the horizon, etc)
-littlest pet shop
-monster high
-paw patrol (somewhat)
-phan (danisnotonfire and amazingphil, starting to get into it again though oops)
-game grumps
-ninja sex party
-sonic the hedgehog (an on going obsession on and off for many years)
-star vs the forces of evil
-winx club
-avril lavigne
-justin bieber
and uh. many many others i can't name aha..

i've been diagnosed with severe depression, mild/moderate social anxiety and generalized anxiety. my mom/sister like to think i have aspergers but i have never been officially diagnosed. i moved around many times when i was younger and whatnot.. about 10 times? i lived in alabama, then i moved to florida, then texas, maryland, back to alabama, then fairport, new york, then back to alabama for a short time, then syracuse new york, then brockport, new york and then after i graduated we moved back to alabama yet again to be with family, although i might move back to brockport myself. who knows?

elementary school was decent for me. middle school was absolute hell. i got bullied all three years of high school for being weird and shy and vulnerable and because people just didn't like me for some reason. it sucked. i started self harming in the beginning of 8th grade because of my ongoing depression and bullying and i had been pushed to the limit. i continued doing that until the beginning of 11th grade, until i had been clean for a year and then relapsed in the beginning of september of this year recently. i'm a very sensitive person irl and i am painfully shy and don't open up very much about my feelings irl. i'm better talking about them over the internet. i've been told my internet persona is scarily and unhealthily different from my real life self. i learned that i felt i was not a girl in about the middle of 11th grade i believe. i started feeling out of place and odd and that my body was not what i felt it should be. i labeled myself as genderfluid for awhile but felt that didn't fit.

i then labeled myself as nonbinary which i've been labeling myself as for a while now. uhm. i learned i was otherkin somewhat recently, catkin and fictionkin, with rin hoshizora. i'm fiction-hearted with fluttershy and peridot. my life recently has been a mess, with my mom not wanting me to move back to new york and my sisters and mom putting me down (probably unintentionally but as i told you i'm very sensitive) and uh. that's fun.

uhm..i'm not sure what else to say about myself. i love reading dumb cliche romance books with twists such as mental illness, disabilities or something like that. i also like reading books about mental illness in general, mostly fiction. i've been writing for as long as i can remember though my skills did not improve greatly until i was about 15-16 i believe. i've been in a huge writers block slump for years now, but i try to write small things when i can. i mostly write about things i'm obsessed with such as youtubers or characters from tv shows. i also love to roleplay, mostly romance or general roleplay. i love listening to rock/alternative music and piano music lately. i'm somewhat happy with myself but also severely unhappy with myself at the same time. i'm trying to figure myself out in life and trying to figure out what i want to do and who i am and what i want/who i want. it's a struggle.

i...guess that's it? this is so long and personal ew i apologize.

if any of you users have any questions or anything for me, feel free to go ahead and ask.
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