er my title is quite long and based off a song im listening to while making this! hi there! i'm sumire/hoshiko/skylar c: whichever one works for ya. this is a blog that i am gonna make that has a variety of posts and whatnot. so uh..strap in and enjoy the wild ride that is my blog :3
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Posted April 3rd, 2017 at 9:20 PM by phantomnestor

-random image haha yes-

hello my children, it has been a while... -w- i apologize. idek what this blog update is's been ages since i updated it and felt obligated to update it again. uhm... good news, uh, i gave my mom some links to more information about nonbinary people (which is what i am), and she read through them and said she feels like she understands me better, so thats good. im glad. my dad is..pretty good about it. he struggles to use the right pronouns, but he still tries and i appreciate that. i hope my mom will start trying more now as well.

so uh..thats good and uh... i..guess thats it? i dont really have much else to say. er, i went to the mall yesterday and got animal crossing new leaf and littlest pet shop so that was fun. we (me, my mom and little sister), got some good food from a deli yesterday and we went to cracker barrel today for lunch so that was fun.

so ye feel free to comment i guess
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