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Make Your Own B/W 2 Protagonist Contest Entry

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Make Your Own B/W 2 Protagonist Contest Entry

Posted March 9th, 2012 at 6:41 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™

And yet another contest entry

Here's my entry for the contest going on over at the B/W forums. I'm only doing a female character. Hopefully we'll be judged on backstory as well as the image, since mine's a quickie edit of the Lady sprite xD

Yeah, I decided to do something besides my main OC, Lisa, because she's already an established Pokemon trainer.

Name: Ashley Savino
Age: 19

Don't be fooled by her cute looks and innocent demeanor. This girl is as tough as nails. Born on the mean streets of Goldenrod City, Ashley's resourcefulness and street savvy landed her a position with the investigative arm of the Pokemon League. For over four years she has participated in police investigations, helping to shut down Pokemon poachers, drug smugglers, fraud schemes, and even assassination plots against Elite Four members.

Because of Ashley's ability to portray herself as a girl five or six years younger than her actual age, she's been given a new mission: Investigate a recent rash of crimes occuring in the Unova region by what appears to be a resuurected Team Plasma. She must conduct this operation under the guise of an ordinary starting Pokemon trainer, in order to avoid arousing suspicion. To maintain her cover during this vital mission, it is being conducted in secret. Nobody outside of her direct supervisors knows of this operation, and that includes the International Police who she has worked with in the past. To establish her identity as a starting trainer, she has been living with a mock "family" (actually senior special agents in the same division) in preparation for her mission.

However, this mission presents Ashley with a challenge she hasn't faced before. She's always been used to completing her mission with the help of her trusty .40 pistol and her League-issued Crown Vic police cruiser. But now, she'll be tasked with completing her mssion without guns and cars but with Pokemon. And given that she's never thrown a Pokeball in her life, Pokemon training will present a unique challenge to her. But this is one tough young lady. She's looking forward to stepping up to the plate and tackling this challenge head-on.
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    Mentalii's Avatar
    I'm not surprised you picked the lady sprite to make your protagonist
    Anyway interesting description.
    Posted March 10th, 2012 at 4:54 AM by Mentalii Mentalii is offline

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