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Shine Diamond episode 31--The Afterpost

Posted June 27th, 2018 at 4:08 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang befriends Lucian, one of Shinou's Elite Four, But Ash learns a lesson in bonding with and controlling Tails, as well.

The biggest change in this episode was Buizel's swap--since Ash gets the Buizel to begin with, it was fairly easy to swap the focus from Dawn to Ash.

I also sped up the battle between Lucian and Ash in attempt to better show that Lucian is very powerful. I felt it would be a bit more meaningful if Ash had a hand in helping Tails and Lucian defeat the admins. This is why Ash blares "Sonic Boom" during the battle-a nod to the franchise Tails gets his name from, and motivational music after seeing him use Sonic Boom constantly to batter the cage.

The ending was also slightly rewritten to give the audience a chance to breathe after the battle with Team Galactic. Since it was already established earlier that Lucian is very powerful, I didn't see a point to Tails trying to battle Lucian again.

Next time, the group receives their first hints that Team Galactic is bigger than they think....
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