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Pokemon Adventure! Pt9

Posted January 12th, 2019 at 2:49 AM by Veil Loreraven
Updated January 26th, 2019 at 1:32 PM by Veil Loreraven

Oh...EM...GEE. Like, Things have gotten like, so totally Wild to the max!

Y'know when you just have like, one of those totally off the wall days?, well like, today was like one of them! I finally made it to the aether foundation again and there was like, a LOT of people waiting for me. They all had really super weak pokemon so I didn't have to like, try very hard or nothing. Gladion helped me get there and as it turns out gladion and Lillie are like brother and sister and the head lady at A.F is like, totally their MOM! I Know, right?! So Like, I had to battle her and she was like, totally Cray Cray, Oh my Goooooshhh!

Anyway, like, I could sort of identify with her or some junk, because she wanted to save pokemon, but she wants to freeze everything to save it like a T.V Dinner....What a wacko. So, anyway, she like, Used Cosmog and opened a portal to this Ultra World or some junk like that, and like, Now Cosmog is a JELLLLY BEEAAAAN~! Like, good news though!, the Universe is like, totally hearing me out and feeling like, my bad vibes I am getting and has conveniently placed the next place I have to like, go in order to fix whatever Cosmogs Malfunction is on the next and final Island for my Island Challenge!

I got there in like, no time and now I gotta find Hapu again. Oh, and I saw one of the trial captains and she is like...I don't know what she is but she is like, Totally whatever IT is. Like, Yknow what I mean? Anyway, Goodbye for now! Got a cosmog to fix!
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