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Moonlight Silver episode 97--The Afterpost

Posted October 11th, 2017 at 6:15 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the final battle with Team Rocket begins as the Trio with help from Ethan, Lyra, and Lance, race to stop Team Rocket from beginning their ultimate plan--Project R.

This episode was dramatically rewritten to more closely match the games--this is why Ethan is at the Radio Tower kicking out the Rockets, while everyone else is at the Lake of Rage. In addition, Professor Sebastian and Tyson were replaced with Archer and Proton, also to more closely match the games (Ariana and Petrel are in the wings for next time, but you will see them too)

I also expanded on Lance's role and included another event from the games--in the remix of Kanto, Lance was present during Ash's Indigo League run, so this is how he already knows the group. (I plan to explain this in Lightning Yellow)

This is not the first time the remixed Trio have battle Team Rocket on this scale, either--I plan to include storming Silph Tower in Lightning Yellow, as well.

Next time, The Trio bust loose, and the battle culminates in Ash and Brock combining their Swanna Songs with Lance to defeat Team Rocket once and for all!
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