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May, we Harley Drew'd Ya!

Posted June 7th, 2018 at 9:56 AM by Palamon

What better way to make a blog entry about Pokemon with a ridiculous pun from the anime? Man, I haven't been active here in awhile. I've been feeling overwhelmed by life things for the past while, so I've barely been posting, but...that's not why I'm posting this blog entry!

Since no one really knows, I've been replaying a lot of Generation III/Generation IV games lately since the middle of May. My Nintendo DS had to have some purpose to it, honestly. It started w/the Red Rescue Team game, since I wanted to complete it after having quit a long time ago. After that, I remembered how much I missed PMD and replayed Explorers of Time... which took about 3 days of my time to beat the main story, then 3 days to beat the regular post game. Six days is honestly a feat for me for any Pokemon game at all.

But, then I felt like I needed to continue... so I decided it was time to replay the main series games of Generation IV. Which brought me to playing my second copy of Pokemon Diamond again from the beginning after 3 years of having abandoned it. Nowadays, I always make sure to have a theme for nicknaming my Pokemon. Since, you know, keeping names at their defaults is boring! So... I decided to name all the Pokemon I catch after poisonous plants. It was a lot of fun to do this. But, I ended up beating Pokemon Diamond in a week, so that led me to want to replay another Generation IV game.... which brings me to where I am right now.

At the moment, I'm replaying Pokemon Soul Silver. This time, with Pokemon I've never really used before, such as Dunsparce, Seel and Nidoking. I spent three goddamn hours trying to find that elusive Dunsparce through normal encounters. Let me tell you--running into over 200 Zubat/Geodude was a PAIN, but I finally got my Dunsparce, and I have it walking with me throughout all of Johto. Atm I'm stuck on the Elite Four, though, Will's Jynx is super annoying.... In case anyone is wondering what name theme I picked for Soul Silver? I decided on naming Pokemon after stars in the solar system. I named my Totodile (he's a Feraligatr by now, of course) Betelguise, for example.

Here and there I'm also playing random Pokemon Romhacks, such as Pokemon Worlds Collide, Pokemon Quartz (it's terrible lol), Pokemon Green's terribly translated Bootleg, and Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter, but I don't have time to play them as much, so they're not really worth noting past I'm trying them out....

I'm also rewatching the entirety of the Pokemon Advanced series from the beginning. I'm watching Yu Gi Oh GX, too, at the same time, which was a terrible idea, but I'm gonna roll with it. I actually never watched Pokemon Advanced in order at all--just random episodes here and there when Pokemon was on TV on Boomerang for a long while. Nowadays, though w/Disney putting every single Pokemon series on Demand, I just record about maybe 25 episodes a day and watch as many as possible one after another while I'm busy with my mobage. It's mostly background noise, but I'm really enjoying watching Pokemon Advanced.

However, some things have changed since I was ten and watched Diamond and Pearl. Those changes are:

-I find Brock's attraction to so many women really creepy and off-putting, and I thank Misty, Max, and Croagunk for interfering every single time. But, I did start noticing how early on they foreshadowed Brock might go off to become a Pokemon Doctor. This was something I never noticed as a kid, because I hated Brock A LOT back during the Sinnoh Saga (which was my first Pokemon series). Nowadays, I'm okay with Brock, just not his creepy attraction to so many women. They took "puberty too far' w/this one, not gonna lie.

-I used to really hate Max. I found him to be a real cheeky asshole to his sister, May. Nowadays, I'm not so much of a Max hater anymore. He's a little kid, and I understand how younger brothers are going to act towards their older sisters. It's natural, so I can't really blame him for that...

-I realized how arrogant and cocky Drew is, kinda like how Gary (whom ten year old Kory was madly in love with, don't ask, he was my first anime crush.) was in Kanto & Johto. Minus the cheerleaders, of course, dear god. I still love him as a character, though, he really brings out the best in May. I kind of still ship Contestshipping after all these years, too, so that's a thing.

-Hoenn Ash is kinda... wow. He had this whiff of overconfidence in him, didn't he? I don't mind, I'm glad he mellowed out by Sinnoh (maybe that was because of the change between dubbing companies), honestly. I really enjoy his Hoenn region team, though and how he played a major mentor role for May when she was a new Pokemon Trainer, that was really neat of him.

At the moment, I'm at about the episode after his Taillow evolved. So, I'm pretty far into the Pokemon Advanced saga at this point. Also I wish Moms For Pokemon was a real thing irl. Part of me wonders if there is a Mom's Against Pokemon since I'm sure there are many parents who were like that back in the day.

Besides all that, I've also been watching some neat Poketubers, too, idk if anyone watches these users, but here are the few I watch: HoopsandHiphop, Candievie, Dobbs & TrueGreen7. I probably know more about the franchise now than I actually thought I knew, and I've been into Pokemon for 11 years now!

Oh, and the news about the Gold and Silver beta really rattled my core, ngl. Seeing a baby Vulpix completely scrap really makes me sad... as for Let's Go Eevee and Let's Go Pikachu, I saw Kanto reboots coming for years now, so it's not like I'm surprised. I'm sure the anime will have Ash go back to Kanto yet again very soon as filler when he completes his Island Challenge.

So, yeah, lots of Pokemon in my life right now. I'm still into idols and still play idol games every single day, but playing more Pokemon again has really calmed me down. I barely have touched Ultra Moon since I bought it, so it feels nice to be playing other games from times past.

Once it gets nicer out, I'm going to take my Pokemon keychains with me in my jacket pocket and go out for walks with them since I can't play Pokemon Go. :| And in a few months, I'm planning on documenting my entire Pokemon collection, from the games, to plushies, to yes, even clothes. It's going to be a great time.

Okay, I rambled enough. I'll go now.
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