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Shine Diamond episode 59b--The Afterpost

Posted 1 Week Ago at 10:15 AM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang begins looking for a Contest costume for Ash, by first looking in the Cute/Dreamy brands, and the Cool/Heartthrob brands.

The tale of Ash's girl disguise (and how Ash got disguised in the first place) is brought up. It will be expanded on when we get to Lightning Yellow, but May has been told the story, so this is how she knows the remixed version of how it happened (it is a little different from the real show.) Brock does foreshow when Ash and him get disguised as girls in BW (but Brock doesn't know this yet)

Nick Dragonswift is the Indiana Jones counterpart in the Pokeworld--Ash gets excited when he sees the costume Adventure's Heart because he is a fan of the Nick Dragonswift universe. May's costume (which she got from a brand we'll see next time, evokes Runim, the nomad princess who is seen as the heroine in the series.

Unlike Dawn, May sees herself as a Cool/Passion coordinator with an influence from Exotic. Dawn considers herself a Beautiful/Passion coordinator

Ash bringing up Misty while the group is in the Cosmic Storm shop foreshadows her appearance in the Pokethlon mini-arc later on

Next time, the group continues their shopping with the Beautiful/Charming and the Exotic/Rugged brands.
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