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Gettin to the top and Platinum day 3

Posted May 11th, 2013 at 5:54 AM by Aether★

Since I passed the drivers license test, I really enjoy driving. It gives me so much enthusiasm, so much joy. I can't wait to finally buy a car. Yesterday I had a chance to drive a car (after 2 months of no driving) Audi A4 and the experience was just great. Unfortunately I went to sleep very late, sleeping only few hours, since I couldn't sleep because of my excitement.

I got salary yesterday as well, and I could give a decent donation to PC, I've donated $260 now.

As for Platinum, I haven't had much time to play yesterday, but 2 days ago I managed to get female Eevee, evolve her into Leafeon, I went also to Eterna Forest to get Rotom, I will use him in my dream team instead of Raichu. I defeated Fantina, so I'm exping my Pokes to defeat Barry and then straight to Daycare for new Eevees.

My team for now:
Leafeon - Lily - level 25
Rotom - BROTOM - level 23
Frank - Monferno - level 35 (Monferno's gonna be an HM slave for now)

Also... Cold beer after a day of hard working... Priceless.

Just sayin'.
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