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Hello, I'm Nichole. A twenty-something, female, Australian, suffering autism/social issues and proud member
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Joined PC in March 2011. Became a Community Supporter in October 2012, started off initially as
a Tier 4, since jumped to Tier 5 or as we know them these days, Crystal Tier.
Now I am suddenly a Platinum Tier for whatever reason. Ex Showdown regular, and currently active Tumblr blogger.

Aside from Pokemon, I have a love for cute anime girls, plushies, music and anything that gives
me a good laugh. This blog will mainly be a showcase of stuff I am loving right now, some personal
reviews and ramblings, music, funny stuff, life updates and things going around PC.

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Hikari's Black 2 Adventure - Part 3

Posted December 26th, 2012 at 7:13 AM by Hikamaru
Updated January 12th, 2013 at 2:57 AM by Hikamaru

Hikari's Black 2 & White 2 Adventure

Black 2 Part 3: Hittin' It Up In Driftveil!

So, I pick up from where my last entry was at. I trained my Sandshrew to evolve into Sandslash so that she can stand a chance against Elesa. I enter the Gym, and oh man it looked so cool, and the stunning entrance from Elesa was almost as awesome as the Gym Battle itself! Elesa wasn't all that hard thanks to my Sandslash. I also took out more Team Plasma Grunts, discovered Hidden Grottos and made the way to Driftveil City.

I caught a few more Pokemon on the way and after exploring Route 6 and a bit of Chargestone Cave - Pansage, Panpour, Ducklett, Deerling, Marill, Karrablast, Shelmet, Ferroseed and Klink. I also received a Zorua as a a gift from Rood, and it seemed like this Zorua had a connection with that N guy. Also added the Drilbur I caught in the Relic Passage to my team, currently going to baby her with an Exp. Share while I go Audino grinding. My Zorua quickly evolved into a Zoroark while my Riolu evolved into Lucario (finally!) and my Dewott, after a bit of Audino grinding, finally evolved into Samurott so he can help me against Clay.

I'm just about to take on Clay, after beating all the Driftveil Gym trainers. I really have to prepare for that deadly Excadrill of his, so wish me luck.

Anyways, see you all in the next entry!
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