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Shine Diamond episode 11: The Afterpost

Posted March 28th, 2018 at 12:57 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Brock competes in the Fantasy Stage with Ash and Tintri looking on, but is no match for Nando.

Originally, the Contest would continue here, but now that Brock has a competitive path of his own in the remix, this would make perfect sense to put the Fantasy Stage here (and have the rest of the Contest take place offscreen.)

This was also a good place to show off the difference in telling styles. Brock's is full of description, commentary, and asides; while Nando's is very flowery and poetic. Even though we only saw the very end of Jupiter/Juno's tale, her style is very straightfoward, and doesn't rely on other talents like music or mimicry (although she does come to appreciate Brock's use of mimicry, music, and stage archery; and Nando's poetic style.)

If you're curious, Jupiter/Juno told this
Brock told this
Nando told this

Nando played this for his solo (which Brock eventually learns from him.)

Next time, Estrella evolves during a rescue mession (yet Ash still mispronounces her name)
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