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Shine Diamond episode 12b: The Afterpost

Posted April 4th, 2018 at 4:09 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, the gang undertakes a grand rescue mission to save the bird Pokemon from Team Galactic, culminating in Estrella's evolution!

This episode was fairly easy to rewrite after taking Team Rocket out. I wanted a way to demonstrate that Team Galactic is more competent and more of a threat than Team Rocket would ever be. (This is why Jupiter tells Ash "You're not in Kanto anymore.") They do lampshade Team Rocket reciting the Rocket motto as they subvert it, telling Ash that action speaks louder than words, and therefore they don't need to say any kind of motto.

I also couldn't resist working in Brock using Mega Evolution into this fight, with Dawn's amazement foreshadowing her acquiring a Mega Evolve-able Pokemon later on. (In Contests, Mega Evolution itself counts as an appeal of any type, so coordinators typically save it as a big finish appeal.)

All Galactic Pokemon tend to have star and constellation names, in keeping with the team's space theme.

I also dropped another hint to Brock's secret stowaway (since he doesn't have Bonsly in the remix) Bonsly being cut also affects next week's episode too, which instead features his Sandshrew Terra.

Next time, Terra leads the group on a rescue mission to save a Nuzleaf!
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