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Shine Diamond episode 13a: The Afterpost

Posted April 7th, 2018 at 12:26 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, what starts out as an attempt to bring a lost Nuzleaf home goes horribly wrong when Brock is captured by Team Galactic--but Brock manages to use his artistic gifts and some cleverness to escape!

This episode went through a LOT of changes (besides Team Rocket being gone). Bonsly is replaced with a Pokemon for Brock that is introduced earlier in the series--Terra, his Sandshrew (but I do make a nod to the Pokemon stowaway that is replacing both baby Pokemon in this arc when Brock plays Epona's Song from Zelda with a grasswhistle)

I also cut out the scene at the beginning with the Nuzleaf getting lost. I wanted the audience to come up with their own suggestions and theories as to how the Nuzleaf got lost, plus be able to start the episode's main story immediately.

Brock relies on his remixed skillset as a storyteller and musician (as well as his Swanna Song) to escape his captors, but this was another moment where a jab in the sensitive areas was just too funny to cut out.

I do have a symbolic torch passing from Team Rocket to Team Galactic by having Mars and Jupiter find an abandoned hot air balloon in the forest. But as they are about to find out, a hot air balloon around someone skilled with a bow is a bad idea indeed.

Next time, our heroes confront Team Galactic for the Nuzleaf's fate!
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