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Shine Diamond episode 15b: The Afterpost

Posted April 25th, 2018 at 2:19 PM by EmeraldSky

This week, Ash faces off against Roark, only for Roark's Cranidos Crystal to sweep him!

This episode was heavily rewritten to account for the team reshuffling and in an attempt to speed things up. I also foreshadowed Ash's Heart Song (in Tintri's Disarming Voice--he will get a Mega Evolve-able Pokemon later on, but who this is is a surprise.)

I let Ash borrow Brock's Sandshrew Terra to account for Aipom being cut, and Gaia the Budew replaces Turtwig to account for the starter reshuffle.

The remixed Ash would know better than to try and use Electric moves on a Rock type by now--all the moves he uses are valid moves for each Pokemon, including Disarming Voice (Pikachu can learn the move through breeding, so that's how Tintri has it)

I felt Ash's eventual win would be more meaningful if he never got a chance to see Sterling the Onix and Diana the Geodude the first time, so Roark swept him with Crystal this time around.

Next time, Team Galactic's plot goes into motion, and the group learns Roark can use Mega Evolution too!
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