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Messing around with video conversion settings...

Posted December 8th, 2011 at 1:47 AM by Legendary Silke

OK, here's the deal about 3DS video playback. We know that the file cannot exceed 10 minutes long. That's a given.

As for other things, though...

  • When converting audio, you can use either IMA ADPCM or uncompressed PCM. Both work - IMA ADPCM takes up a quarter of size compared to uncompressed PCM, but may introduce aliasing. MP3 will not work.
  • The audio sampling rate can be anything. Same thing goes for audio channels. For CD-quality, try 44100 Hz and stereo audio. Note that videos produced by the 3DS is at 16000 Hz mono (there's only one microphone). A good compromise is probably 32000 Hz and stereo.
  • As for the video... MJPEG and nothing else (not to be confused with MPEG1). Other MPEG formats will not work. Bit rate can be anything, but get it higher than aroudn 2000 kbps and you'll run into lag and large files. A quality setting lower than 1600 will cause severe macroblocking (you know, you'll see blocks). Default is 1800, which produces quality not unlike what was found in eShop streamed videos for 480x240 and slightly better for 320x240.
  • 20 and 30 fps work fine (as is 29.97). I think it should work fine with anything up until 30. 50 and 60, I haven't tried them, as I don't have any high frame rate videos sitting around.
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